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Fanatec Clubsport V1 Pedal Mod (So Far, So Good)

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Gpruitt54, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. Gpruitt54


    I recently bought a used Fanatec Clubsport V1 pedal set. Been using the pedals for about 2 months and thought I would figure out how to add a shock damper like the V2 pedals have. From the many results that came up in a Google image search on this topic, there are many ways to pull this off. I choose a method where I would not have to drill into the break block. My design adding a flat aluminum bar, drilled and taped between the front supports. This bar supports and shock bracket. This is a unfinished design, so the bolts are still yet to be trimmed and lock-tite in place. Later, I will round off the bracket and shorten the bolts.

    The initial tests, to gauge feel and range of motion are looking and feel very good. There is definitely more of a hydraulic feel to the brake pedal. to achieve this, I filled one of the shocks with an even mix of 80 weight silicone shock oil and Dif-Lube, a silicone oil for RC differentials. The other shock is 100% 80 weight shock oil. I used two shocks, because they are a bit smaller than some of the larger shocks used in upgrades for the Clubsport V2 pedals. This also allows me to play with percentages of stiffness between the two shocks. The shocks are 93mm long and came with 3 sets of plungers, I am using the 3 hole plungers for now.

    As you can see, the brake pivot it located at the second hole. This is a much better location for the pivot as it reduces the pedal travel and allows for quicker modulation and brake control, at least for me; that is.

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  2. nuvolarry


    hi there i'm considering doing the same type of mod. ilkie what you have acheived,do you have any info on the dampers used,where purchased etc? all thanks in advance .
  3. Moxley6969


    Fair warning, You don't want a Super heavy Oil in your damper.....Too thick and you'll be hurting more than helping....Also stick with the 3 hole pistons.