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Fanatec Club Sport Base Problems


I burnt out my V2 after a month of signing up for iRacing. I have to admit, I love the dirt tracks. So much so I smoked my wheel. Fanatec is helping, even though warranty has run out more then two years ago.
I did hear, lately, that iRacing has a problem with VR and USB ports, which can burn a wheel out. I guess I'm supposed manually start VR and Steam VR and then iRacing?

So in the meantime, while I'm waiting for my repair/2.5 update, I pulled out my old V1 base and am trying to find all the old drivers. The wheel starts normally but then pulls all the way to one side and keeps pulling. I remember having this problem with the V1 in the past and pretty sure it was a driver/Windows compatibility issue?
Anyone still using the Fanatec Club Sport V1 base out there?