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Sell Fanatec BMW M3 GT2 Wheel - USB Conversion


Hello, the wheel was bought from SRM with a USB conversion and the larger paddles and magnets. The USB conversion replaces the Fanatec wireless connection and means it doesnt come with a Fanatec quick release, I bought it for use with a Simucube base.

It was bought last summer, initially as a stop gap until my Cube formula wheel turned up, but the way everything was delayed by time my rig turned up so had the Cube wheel. I kept it for a while as I thought a full round wheel - as opposed to the F1 style Cube wheel - would be fun when driving older cars using a shifter or maybe rally, but its probably had about three hours use in total so I'm thinking it would make more sense to sell it and put the money towards something else for my set up.

So, with the USB conversion and the upgraded paddles it cost £470 new from SRM. Obviously with so little use its in great condition so I'm offering it for £350. Postage would be on top, I'm in Hampshire, UK.

Any questions feel free to ask, cheers.


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