Fanatec BMW GT2 Rim vs Mclaren GT3 Rim


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Nov 22, 2018
So I'm gonna get a CSL Elite + base on the black friday sale, trying to decide between the BMW or the Mclaren rim. I have heard the BMW rim is very heavy and impacts the force feedback... the Mclaren rim is quite light by the looks of it and lacks the wheel vibration motors that the BMW has. Any thoughts?


Mar 4, 2015
were you able to buy the CSL Elite base today, price hasn't changed for me. Is there a code to enter??

I've seen people say lighter wheels are better for FFB, but the CSL should have strong enough FFB you'd hope.


Oct 9, 2017
I’ve got both of those wheels and a CSW v2.5. I love the Mclaren wheel. I use it for any car that has flappy paddles, though, I’d like to eventually get a dedicated F1 wheel for F1. The handles, buttons and knobs all feel great as does the FFB. And yeah, it’s very light.

The Bimmer wheel feels good in the hand, but kinda like how an inert hunk o’ metal does. The FFB doesn’t feel quite as sharp or intense which I imagine is because of its extra weight as well as its larger diameter. I pretty much only use the Bimmer wheel when driving a car with an H-pattern shifter. If I was to do it over again, I’d still get the Mclaren wheel, but would probably have opted for the CS GT wheel for H-pattern shifter card despite its higher price specifically because it’s noticeably lighter. At this point, though, I wanna see what Podium wheels come out.

Oh and as for the vibration motors in the Bimmer wheel, I don’t think they have any significant impact. I prefer the sharper FFB over that.


Jun 1, 2016
I like both rims. I own both of them and also the Formula Black rim. I just use whatever rim the car uses to match the experience. I do very much like the robust nature of the BMW rim. I use OSW direct drive so the rumble comes from the wheel base for me because it's so strong. If you were to only get one, I'd say the BMW. This rim you can use for anything. If you tried driving rally or old school cars with higher steering rotation, you'd find it pretty difficult to use the McLaren rim for anything like that.
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Oct 1, 2017
My brother has the BMW Wheel (as his real garage is full of BMW), but decided to purchase the McLaren Wheel after testing mine for a while. Now he runs the McLaren almost all the time...
Therefore a "second hand" McLaren wheel recommendation. In case you are also running ACC you will like the fact that the three central switches are supported in ACC


Jul 29, 2011
I have both, bought the BMW wheel first and found it fine, although I had nothing to compare it too. I recently got the McLaren wheel for ACC. It's a great wheel but I think if I was to have just one wheel I don't think I could live with just the McLaren. At least the BMW wheel works with any car.

Quality is great on both. The McLaren now comes with the quick adapter and it makes a big difference.
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