PC Fanatec 911 GT2 Help!

Andy Ainsworth

Dec 8, 2013
Before I start, I'm not bad mouthing PCars, I promise. lol

I've had the game since it's launch, and although I believe it looks fantastic, sounds great and even the AI have started to behave themselves, I'm still having big problems with the FFB.

On the whole it's OK, it's just when the car slides. I get no FFB at all, nothing to let me know it's about to lose grip, no friction feeling as it slides and no indication that I'm about to regain grip.
The 'sliding on ice' feeling is all I get.

As I say, I'm not slagging the game off, I'm just hoping someone might have found a cure for my problem.

Judging by other posts, most wheels seem to be getting great FFB.


PS, I've tried Jack Spade tweaker files, and although they're great, they didn't help sort my problem.