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Failures on F12011 xbox

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by PJroons15, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. PJroons15


    Hey there, just wondering if anyones had a
    Mechanical failure yet such as blown engine, electronical problem
    Etc etc. Was doing 100% race at turkey in career mode
    And it said the car in front has picked up a puncture, and
    Liuzzi and Massa had retired in the last stages of the race, don't
    Know what from. Anyone else had any failures or AI failure & crashes?

    (still waiting for my first safety car too :/)
  2. Rhys Garbin

    Rhys Garbin

    I have ps3 but i had Alonso with a puncture on lap 7 or 8 in Spain, he was going so slow down the straight i nearly went right through him. Also on the same race after my out lap after the 2nd round of pit stops, i think it was nico in the Merc came out the pits just in front of me into turn one. i was right on his tail just getting ready to line him up for turn 3 or 4 and he just lost his rear on the cold tyres and i just went straight into the side of him, race over!. Not so much mechanical failure more AI driver failure.
  3. Robert Chalmers

    Robert Chalmers

    if u want a guaranteed engine failure choose manual gears then at full speed down a long straight quickly shift down to 1st gear while accelerating its a guaranteed blown engine and a big spin and more than likely a crash