Failed: URD T5 requires unknown mod?

Hey guys, I do not play rf2 much but wanted to dig into it more this weekend. A long time ago I did sub to some workshop stuff on steam as well as bought some DLC stuff. When I load the launcher I get this failed message for the following.

Aura 2.03
Bayro 2.03
Maures 2.03

Aura 2.055
Bayro 2.055
Maures 2.055

Does anyone know what this is and what I need to install as a base mod to fix? Are these cars or skins, etc?

Jens Roos

Sounds like a skin pack for the base mode, AFAIK these are the base and latest version:
Thanks that's what I'm trying to figure out. What mod is it that Im missing and where can I get it? I don't think I ever downloaded anything from RD so guessing it's in workshop. Just not sure how to find it or the name of it.