F_V12.HDV mismatch

just tried joining the Fun server and received the above message.
I get similar message if I select Formula Extreme, FVee and Mini.
I have upgraded GSC to v1.21 via gscsync and all is reported as OK.

I understand that a .hdv file has something to do with RealFeel so I deleted my realfeel.ini file and let the game recreate it.
Searching for .hdv files shows only 4 such files

How do I get rid of this mismatch?
The .hdv file is not directly related to ReelFeal. Rather, it is the physics file that defines the large marjority of the physics of the car. To protect Niels's work, Reiza's original .hdv files are not accesible, so the only ones you find when you search are from mods.

I have experienced that the sync tool says it's updated when it really hasn't.. Try deleting the folder for the cars you are having trouble with, and let the sync tool download it all from scratch. (For example "Gamedata\Vehicles\F_V12" - delete the entire folder.)
@Lasse I removed the V12 folder from the vehicle folder and re-sync but I still get the mismatch error once in the Fun server.
@Partick I do use GID but I have removed its d3d9.dll and reinstalled the original d3d9.dll before re-syncing.
Looks like it could be GID.
I have just done a complete re-install and with no add-ons I can connect to the server without any errors. However as soon as I add the GID plug-in the game crashes.
I will do some more testing but it looks like I'll have to use the rfdynamic HUD although I prefer GID :(
Thanks Patrick.
After checking everything I think I've found the error.
Numpty here forgot that gsc.exe had to be renamed to rfactor.exe so when the game was updated I had both gsc.exe AND rfactor.exe in the folder...duh! :redface: