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F3000 Enduro @ Interlagos - Wednesday 1st October 2008

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Andrew Evans

Class: F3000
Track: Interlagos nogrip rapidshare
Practice: 19:00 GMT (45 mins)
Qualify: 19:45 GMT (30 mins)
Warmup: 20:15 GMT (10 mins)
Race: 20:25 GMT (1 hour)
Password: click here

Please note: this is an endurance event - do not sign up if you cannot commit to the full session.
Sign-ups will be closed one hour before practice.​

Andrew Evans

  1. Andrew Evans
  2. Neil Gault
  3. Neil Farren
  4. Thierry Marchand
  5. Nico Major
  6. Damian Dainhumain
  7. Martin Holman
  8. Ian Beech
  9. David Lemon
  10. Darren Gardner [skin]
  11. Tim Ling
  12. Marc Kollinger
  13. Tony Gonzalez
  14. Simon Trendell
  15. Gary Lennon
  16. Michael Herrmann
  17. Marc Good
  18. Victor Shaw
  19. Driver
  20. Driver
  21. Driver
  22. Driver
  23. Driver
  24. Driver
  25. Driver
  1. Alex Guehennec
  2. Daniel Juncadella
  3. Sébastien Poidevin
Aug 26, 2008
I'll take a reserve slot, am not the best in open wheelers and need to see if I can get a feel of these cars.

Aug 26, 2008
I just done a few laps and the car is pretty damn fun and am feeling pretty solid round the track, so I will be there.

Can I be put on the main list or do I stay on reserve?

Nico Major

Feb 19, 2008
lapping and beeing lapped ...

If you don’t mind I’d like to say some words regarding lapping, based on my experience from the last event at Donington and my general understanding of that topic.

First I have to state, that all drivers were very kind and tried to do their best to let faster drivers lap them. However there were some tricky situations (and one accident for me) because of some misunderstanding.

Basically there are 2 options to let someone pass.

  • If you are on a straight and a faster driver comes close, go off the racing line and lift the throttle (if necessary). Please do this early enough, so that the closing driver can see your intention. Do not just slow down on the racing line! The faster driver might smash into your rear, because he can not tell your move and when he sees it, it’s too late.
  • If there is no straight just drive your normal racing line and let the faster driver overtake you as he would overtake a direct opponent. But in contrast to a real fight you are very kind to him and assist him getting past you. You can break a little earlier and leave the door wide open so he can easily slip through at the inside.
Everything else is unpredictable and thus dangerous for both.

All tracks have parts that are not suitable for overtaking. You should go as normal and good as you can there, without caring about the car behind you and take the next good opportunity to let the faster car pass. It’s no problem for the good driver to adapt to a little less speed but there is a big risk of crashing if you do something the following driver can not predict. (This is usually true for fast corners that are taken at full speed or with just a little lifting where everyone is at the edge of the car.)

Further comments are very welcome.

Looking forward to nice racing,

Warren Dawes

Mar 1, 2007
Nico, this is excellent advice and well explained.
I think you should post it in a new thread in the Racing Club Paddock forum, so everyone can read it. :thumb:

Alex Guehennec

Put me on the reserv list Andrew please
hope i'll have time for this one I love this track

Andrew Evans

yup - i was gonna sort that out later this evening, i'll post back once it's up and running - cause we'll need people to check it's okay, as with all external tracks....
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