F12018 Tyre Wall Colour

Bruce Banner

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Oct 6, 2011
I don't know if it's just the screenshots or the game itself , but the Ultrasoft colour in this year's game seems too pink rather than the purple it should be like last year . I've posted a screenshot of the Ultra from both games below . The general screenshot quality isn't as good this year either but it's mainly the colour of the Ultra's that's off . I don't really notice it so much when I'm racing because I'm concentrating on the road , but see what you think . Yeah , I know the 2017 one is also a mod but the vanilla tyres were the right colour anyway . The 2018 ones ( vanilla , there is no mod ) look almost nearer the colour of the hypers than the Ultras . F12017 Ultrasoft.jpg F12018 Ultrasoft.jpg


That's the colour it should be and it's way off . I don't know if they've added some tinted effect on this year's game that's bleached the colours a bit but the two screenshots are on the same computer and monitor with no change to the brightness or colour settings on either .
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