F12016 vs F12013: thoughts?

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by jacktorrance, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. jacktorrance



    Codemasters is really working this title and theyre doing a good job I think. The dual controller input has been resolved. That said, im spending like hours trying to find a decent G27 set up solution whereas f12013 was far easier to set up. Right now I use 194 deg steering and 81% sensitivity in logitech profiler, and 55% lin and 4% sat in F12016 where I use 52% lin and 7% in F12013.

    Driving is just a whole different end. The F12016 car seems so much heavier, slow in reactions with brakes and input. Just tried F12013 after 2 hours testing F12016 and that car is so much more responsive. Is it just me? Is F12016 more sensitive to input?
  2. Douglas729


    Responsive? Sensitive? The combination makes 2016 much more immersive. My wheel and pedals are totally integrated with what's happening in the windshield and there's less room for error. I feel a sense of balance powering out of tight curves just right.

    That's just me...opinions may vary.
  3. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    I'm struggling on the Xbox. The last game I played was 2014. I liked it more than 2013 simply because it was more challenging with a wheel and all assists off. I had a ton of fun with that game both in league play and by myself in GP and career. It had its faults but was fun regardless.

    I just upgraded to Xbox one and bought the Thrustmaster TMX wheel. I'm struggling to get the on screen wheel to match the TMX. I've got the linearity at 27 and the saturation at 4 and it feels ok to drive but visual difference in wheel onscreen and off screen is bothersome.

    I'm enjoying the game. Struggling for pace but I'm sure it will come once I get used to the wheel and pedals.
  4. Hatsu


    I set my rotation in Windows wheel settings to 360° and ingame all custom wheel settings to 0. Beforehand I fiddled with linearity and saturation and really struggled while driving. Now I feel comfortable.
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