F1 2014 F12014 rain can't see!

F1 2014 The Game (Codemasters)
Just move to the left or right out of the spray on the straights, and that effect disappears. It's quite realistic though, in real life they cant see until they move out of the spray.

And also for just general water drops, even when the drivers have tears off in real life it only takes seconds until they can't really see again. So again its quite realistic, its one of the few things that they've done well in my opinion
Loving f12014 except when it's raining is there a mod or something so you can have a tear of on your visor so you can see like they do in real life?
The helmet cam mod is coming. Ben used it on one of his videos recently but I believe that was because he was testing a WIP mod. I will post something here if they do make a mod like that. I would talk to gamer19 about cameras. He could make the mod.