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F1 XXXX idea for the future

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Steven Poirier, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. Steven Poirier

    Steven Poirier


    With the annoncement of F1 2013 with DLC pack ( 90s driver and car ). I think will be nice for Codemaster if they sign an extension of the F1 right, to give us season DLC pack.

    I explain. surely F1 2014 will be on next engine of them, so the give us some complete season pack like starting 1990 and higher would be nice. The point of my idea, those pack can be use for next release game like F1 2015, 2016, etc.

    We know 2011 car can be use on 2012 version.... so car, skin, etc can be use on any years game when they use same engine. Same for the track....

    I dont know what you think about it.... but some comment about it would be great.
  2. Jean-Marc Dallaire

    Jean-Marc Dallaire

    Fantastic idea! I support! Would even be nice if they could go back as far as the '70s, so we can recreate epic duels between Lauda and Hunt, Andretti, Villeneuve and Jones. Driving the Lotus '78 or '79 or Gilles' Ferrari 312T3 would be awesome! Well for me because I am of that generation and I was there on Ile Notre-Dame when Gilles won his first race!

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  3. Scott Tanner

    Scott Tanner
    3vil - Steam

    Whilst it sounds awesome to have these options added, its all about the size of the team to develop it all. I would imagine that such extra effort would require a vast team of developers to do all the work and that would only happen if all of a sudden the F1 series took of onto a global mass seller like EA have with the Fifa series, so that Codemasters had the budget to increase the work force into a serious development house of huge proportion.

    And of course everything must be OK'd by the License holders and that itself would come with extra costs.

    I still think that Codemasters should renegotiate the license so that what they sell is a core racing game engine then add to it with expansions/patches very much like the rFactor guys do or the Simbin team for example. Then during expansion releases work hard to improve the core engine to tweak handling or GFX effects over time so that hardware changes are catered for and any season changes can be added and so on and so forth

    Again though its budget cost against profits gained form sales and they arent selling the F1 series like EA do with the FIFA and Madden games or whatever the name is for their USA Football series
  4. Hakana


    better physics and graphics engine (realistic look and feel, not that cartoonish look like now), maybe 2014 with the NextGen consoles, i'm on PC but i've hope. No classic crap, that game calls F1 20XX for a reason.
    Modding support would be nice, so the classic freaks can make there own mods
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