F1 World Champion 2009

Who will be the 2009 F1 World Champion?

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Bert Van Waes

Well my prediction is Vettel.

I was thinking of him or Button to win it.

But now that i saw Button finally struggling a bit with the balance, I went for Vettel. I think Rubens finally knows what's best to do and that's going for his own skin.
That could mean we will see Rubens more in front of Jenson.

Vettel will win!:worship:

Mark Birney

Sep 13, 2008
Wow, people only voted for Vettel, Button and Massa. Barrichello has a chance, and he's 2nd at the moment, but he really needs to get his act together. He can win races...
Jun 15, 2009
Buttons car has problems when it´s cold, He can´t get temp in the tires.
Vettel is outstanding in the wet but in warm climat he don´t stand a chance against Button, and also the experience will matter in the end so i go for Button.

(Barrichello makes to many simple misstakes.)

GOOOOO Jenson!!!!!!!

Péter Bártfai

Sep 18, 2008
I think Vettel can win it cause Red Bull made a huge step forward with their improvements and I think they'll be hard to beat. Brawn GP is in a hard situation, as they were from the beginning of the season because they don't have that much money as the "other teams". Ferrari and Williams came very close to them and that makes their situation even harder. But also Mark Webber has a chance at the moment I think, he's really close to Vettel and he could do the laps Vettel could do after passing Barrichello. Barrichello only has chance if really his help on the car setups brought Button to the top. If Button can't setup his car but Barrichello can, and Brawn GP somehow manages to get back on top, he can win.
Massa doesn't have a chance this year I think. He's too far behind. I would be happy if he won but he won't.

That's my opinion:)
Jun 30, 2007
I hope Vettel will win, but being realistic, I think Button will win (He deserves it too, so no problem with that either)


Mar 24, 2009
i would,n't say that barrichello doesn;t have a chance, at the current standings it between vettel and button.

barrichello, is making a lot of mistakes ,but mistakes is the learning processes.
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