F1: Williams Reveal Dramatic New Livery for the 2019 Season

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor
Williams 2019 Livery 2.jpg
Williams Grand Prix Engineering have revealed a dramatic new livery for the upcoming Formula One season today, showing off a new look in the post Martini title sponsorship era.

Although not a full new car launch, the 2019 Williams has yet to be revealed to the world, today at Grove the former World Championship winning squad took the covers off their new look image for the coming season, waving goodbye to the Martini era as they embark on a new chapter with fresh backing from title sponsor Rokit.

As well as showcasing the new livery wrapped around the 2018 FW41, the team also formally introduced their new driving partnership of the returning Robert Kubica, Grand Prix winner for BMW Sauber, and current Formula Two champion and Mercedes junior driver George Russel.

Williams 2019 Livery 1.jpg
Williams 2019 Livery 4.jpg
Williams 2019 Livery 3.jpg

To check out when the next cars are set to be revealed, and how to watch it all unfold live, check out THIS LINK.

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Definitly not a fan of the livery. From the shade of blue to the terrific looking gradient effect to the size of some of the logos, there just is so much wrong with this livery.
There barely is anything I can praise about this livery. I honestly do not know how 17% (With that it's ahead of the FW26, FW19, FW36, FW21 and FW08) voted for this as their favourite Williams livery on the F1 website.


I miss legendary MARTINI Racing livery : still one of the best looking since Brabham f1, Porsche 907/917, Lancia Scuderia :inlove:
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U-G-L-Y. This car's got no alibi, it's ugly. :thumbsdown:

I thought when you said 17%, I thought you meant it's maybe 5th or 6th of all time or something (even that's laughable), but SECOND?! 2nd best Williams livery ever? Beating the Rothmans and HP liveries? Wow, just wow.

At least the Canon/Camel/Sega livery is still holding the top spot.


I breathe a lot. I guess i just really like air.
Is it me, or does that livery look.... slow somehow?

Just a bit awkward, and slightly amateur..?
Gradient looks cheap most of the time. Especially if the gradient is that short with that much contrast.
Cheap design often looks like a backmarker.

The livery reminds me of backmarkers of the 80s/90s.
I think the lighting in the reveil actually beneftis the livery. I think it'll look much worse on track.

The color combination itself looks pretty nice, though.
Whilst everyone is taking a crap on it im just gonna put in that I quite like it haha, looks kinda like the old mclarens of the early 2000s, except with blue and white. Personally im glad to see it get changed up a bit!

Craig Patteson

Natural Born Racer Racer in Pyjamas
as a passionate Williams fan I aint gonna get into any disagreement's with anyone cos you are entitled to your opinion as for my opinion I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the livery today it was nothing I had expected but I like it its new and refreshing after 5 seasons on the iconic martini stripes as long as the car is a lot better then last year ill be more then happy fingers crossed for Williams

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