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Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Arnold Smiley, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Arnold Smiley

    Arnold Smiley

    Hi guys,

    I am Arnold from the Netherlands, and new to this forum. I was seeking the internet all over for some advice of modding my F1 Thrusmaster steering wheel. Back here in The Netherland nobody seems to have the knowledge about the following, so I hope people can tell me something about modding.

    I have a Playseat with a T300RS wheel with the F1 wheel add on, wich is used on a Playstation 4 pro system.

    As the most of you probably know, this wheel comes with some fake buttons and without the shift indicator leds.

    I want to have these shifter leds on my wheel. I am in contact with a guy in the UK (F1Simgames), but I don't get the answers I am looking for.

    - Is the wanted modification possible for this wheel in combination with a PS4? The answer was yes, but I should use a console bridge from EKSimRacing.

    What is this console bridge? What I understood that I need the consolebriggde for the game F1 2016 (and later F1 2017) to install the needed software.

    Where is this software installed? On my PC......does this mean that my PC always have to be connected with my PS4?

    During the mod, some new rotary buttons will replace the fakes one. Which functions can be assigned to these new buttons, keeping in mind that I am playing F1 2016?

    The modification job is quite expensive.....450 Euro. I want to be sure that I got what I want :)

    Hope that somebody can help me with this.

    Many thanks already!
  2. Jadenm


    hi arnold i'm also from the netherlands and i have the same problem
    do you can mod F1 2017 already? because i can't maybe you have a tutorial or something that can help?
  3. asteroulis


    Hardware usually is not easily modded in consoles. I don't think it's wise to spend that amount for ps4 mod. In any case f1simgames does a really nice job with his wheels.