F1 | Watch As Verstappen Completes First Lap On "New" Zandvoort

Max Verstappen has completed the first lap on the newly refurbished and reprofiled Zandvoort Grand Prix Circuit.

Driving a 2012 issue Red Bull Formula One car as part of the opening ceremony celebrations, Max Verstappen gives us all our first chance to check out the work undertaken to bring the legendary Zandvoort Circuit up to Formula One specification.

Set to host the returning Dutch Grand Prix this May, Zandvoort has had plenty of work done to bring it in line with modern Grand Prix standards, and I'm sure not everyone will be particularly thrilled with the changes...

Check out the video of Verstappen's lap below:

Verstappen was apparently impressed with the changes, telling Sky Sports News:

"It was really cool. The track was already very nice to drive before, but with the changes they made to the track it makes it even more special. "Especially like Turn Three and the last corner with the banking. Especially Turn Three, where the entry is very blind because there is just a big drop and when you're sitting so low in the car you can't really see it"

"But that makes it good and for sure a lot of fun when we arrive here for the Grand Prix."

The Dutch Grand Prix is set to host the fourth round of the World Championship on May 1st - 3rd.

Original Source: Sky Sports

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Nick Hill

Oct 26, 2013
Looks good to me, I don't personally see where the "they've ruined another track" hubbub is coming from. Zandvoort has obviously changed a lot over the years, but this particular iteration looks more like a safety-motivated tweak than a total overhaul.

The racing should be fast, though I can't imagine much passing with this gen of cars. On the other hand, on paper the Hungaroring should be awful with these cars but it's produced some really memorable races over the last few seasons.

I will keep my fingers crossed for a good race - it's nice to have an old track back on the calendar.


Aug 29, 2017
I remember when I was iRacing in the F1 car and the scheduled track was Brands Hatch. Every F'n driver on the forums whining why the heck was that track scheduled. This track has the same look and feel. No passing, maybe on the front straight yeah, but nothing else. Well, since Monaco is a regular on the calendar, another parade of cars won't hurt I guess.


Nov 21, 2012
Not sure if its good or bad as a F1 track, but with those improvements it seems to be more flowing than before, so I'm liking it.


Oct 2, 2019
Did he even get any further than 4th gear?

Sorry but having seen that it's simply reconfirmed my opinion that Zandvoort is in no way suited to modern F1, regardless of any improvements that may have been made to the track.


Feb 13, 2013
They sure did not butcher the track.

If they can follow each other in the banking T1 may be a true overtaking spot. Also perhaps there will be different lines possible in T10-T11.


Feb 13, 2013
I just thought the banking would look steeper.
At least from the video the banking looks a bit meh meh:sneaky:
It is not meant for Nascar ;) F1 Pirellis probably cannot take the extra load of a speedway banking on top of the standard downforce that is already pretty massive.


Sep 29, 2010
Great to see new Zandvoort, but i'm not sure if it's right place for f1. No good places to overtake and no room for mistakes. There will be huge crash if car goes out of the track.