F1 | Vettel To Leave Ferrari At Season End

Vettel is leaving Ferrari. Where will his future be?

  • Mercedes

    Votes: 49 9.6%
  • Red Bull Racing

    Votes: 33 6.5%
  • McLaren

    Votes: 82 16.1%
  • Other F1 team

    Votes: 48 9.4%
  • Other motorsport series

    Votes: 80 15.7%
  • Retirement

    Votes: 216 42.5%

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Aug 28, 2012
I can't get some people. Vettel and Raikonnen came to Ferrari both as world F1 champions, the finn in the second Ferrari stage. First one has won 14 races, second one single race. But the loser is Vettel when Raikonnen is a mythical hero. Go figure.
Well, Raikkonen have that "I don't give a flying puck" face.
And he has no filter, or at least his filter is set at lowest, he said so many sh*t during these years.
That I guess makes him a true legend, for some.
And he drinks like one of his parent is from Russia and the other from Finland. :alien:
What else ?

I've never been a true fan but sad to see Vettel leave.
I especially appreciate his total social media ...awkwardness. :D :thumbsup:
He's so not-Lewis type of driver, crowd entertainer.

https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/ricciardo-closing-in-on-2021-mclaren-seat/4791924/ :O_o:
Guess it's meant to be. Vettel and Ricciardo - together. Again :D
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Mar 1, 2010
I'm a fan of Ferrari and most F1 teams and drivers including the young Frenchmen. But Ferrari is cursed.....Think really hard about it. Ferrari just stalls great drivers careers. Only Kimi was able to pull off a Championship and lets face it that was buy 1 point and I think it was because Hamilton hit the wrong switch late in the race that stalled the car allowing Kimi to slip in by a point. If I recall correctly?? Think about whats happened to all Ferrari Drivers since M. S. left.

Just saying......
Schumacher changed Ferrari himself like Niki Lauda did.

So Daniel to McLaren with Norris?,that would be a fun combo.

Seems a sideways move,both McLaren and Renault in a similar ball park in performance.

Hopefully McLaren gets back to glory times again.

Marko Daniel Ricciardo will never be allowed back to Red Bull,I don’t think he gives a **** Helmet.
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Durge Driven

Jun 17, 2017
I think Seb has had his fair shake time to let someone else have a go

He could be good in support role for Carlos to pick brain

Antony Snook

Jul 16, 2011
I read a book about Enzo Ferrari, He tried to convince his drivers marage was bad. Because wives push drivers to quit F1. So they can look after the children and play the family game. Something difficult as a driver jet setting all over the world. Now Ferrari have a big team and the budget cap will cause them to mouve personnel elsewhere. Like Formula e. Or IRL. So Vettel may be the lead driver in a offspring project. Something that allows him more family time.
He can also go into business inside or outside F1. He could go for the FIA precedencey. Driver management.

The bottom line he has had a very good career in F1 with wins and championships. Nothing to be ashamed of. The next generation of talent is on his heals. Leclerc, Verstapen maybe Ricciardo.

Lets face it there may be little racing or no 2020 season.