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F1 | Vettel To Leave Ferrari At Season End

In a surprising move, Ferrari have confirmed four time Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel will depart the team at the end of the year - opening up what is sure to be one of the most hotly contested seats in recent seasons.

Having enjoyed incredible success with Red Bull in his early career, many thought the switch to Ferrari for Sebastian Vettel would yield the beginning of a Schumacher esque period of dominance for the famous red team, however when the curtain closes on his five year relationship with the Scuderia at the end of this season, the combination of Vettel and Ferrari will always be known as a case of what might have been.

"My relationship with Scuderia Ferrari will finish at the end of 2020,” said Vettel. “In order to get the best possible results in this sport, it’s vital for all parties to work in perfect harmony.
“The team and I have realised that there is no longer a common desire to stay together beyond the end of this season. Financial matters have played no part in this joint decision. That’s not the way I think when it comes to making certain choices and it never will be.

“What’s been happening in these past few months has led many of us to reflect on what are our real priorities in life. One needs to use one’s imagination and to adopt a new approach to a situation that has changed. I myself will take the time I need to reflect on what really matters when it comes to my future.
“Scuderia Ferrari occupies a special place in Formula 1 and I hope it gets all the success it deserves. Finally, I want to thank the whole Ferrari family and above all its “tifosi” all around the world, for the support they have given me over the years.

“My immediate goal is to finish my long stint with Ferrari, in the hope of sharing some more beautiful moments together, to add to all those we have enjoyed so far."
At this stage it remains unclear what comes next for the likeable German driver, with seemingly few attractive options for continuing to fight at the very forefront of the Formula One grid from 2021 onwards.

With Leclerc locked down into a long term deal in red for the foreseeable future, the tantalising prospect of who could join the young charger is expected to be a key point of discussion in the days and weeks ahead.

Vettel leaves ferrari.jpg
I would like to see Ricciardo on Ferrari, everyone likes him and he's experienced ans very talented. But Vettel also is, so... In the end, Vettel went to Ferrari in the same condition as today, with a little less experience but as world champion and Ferrari struggles to meet expectations. The thing is..Mercedes still is the TOP Team on F1 and I doubt that anyone can have a chance for the tittle on any other car. Still, I'm a big fan of Ricciardo and that guy deserves at least one title but... will ferrari have a consistent and fast car next year? That's the big question.
I think Ferarri will choose between Sainz and Ricciardo and I think they will go with Sainz... but I would like to see Ricciardo. That's my bet.

Nick Hill

That would be crazy to think of F1 without Seb but it appears that's the majority opinion among us as far as what's going to happen.


Most any driver going to Ferrari now is going to be playing second fiddle to Leclerc. That means Ricciardo is out as even if there is a change of heart by Ferrari regarding Ricciardo he will not accept a "second driver" position. Bottas will certainly not want to go from a second driver to a second driver. Räikkönen could return, but he's tied with Alfa for 2021 as far as I know.

Sainz is possible also. Norris is maybe a possibility but I think he's too ensconced in the Mclaren family for the time being.

Thus the only driver I think that could go to Ferrari and has the potential to legitimately steal Leclerc's thunder is George Russell.
He and Sainz will swap places.

Sainz is a perfect number two right now for Ferrari, fast and consistent but not too fast. McLaren has talked a lot of begin a top-team again, and for that you need a top-team driver. Vettel has lots of experience and might be the missing component for them to make it to the top again. It would also be a great team for Vettel to win WC with, not quite the same as Ferrari but still one of the classics teams.
I would like to see Vettel with Hamilton in Mercedes, at least 10 championship titles in this team, most people may think Lewis would kill Seb mentally, but who knows?


Co-commentator at RD for the german speaking members?
I'd welcome the return of Fernando for a strong shot at another championship crown that is overdue for him.
If the Ferrari team could cut out the stupid mistakes & strategy decisions, Alonso and Leclerc would be the strongest pairing in F1.
Ricciardo to Ferrari for sure. The team needs consistency and Ricciardo needs a competitive car once in his career! Teams need to stop wasting their money on youngsters and invest on experienced drivers who are due a world championship title.
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I cant believe no one seeing whats happening! ALONSO! He just recently came out an said he has his 2021 sorted an hes been going on about F1 as of recent. Can you imagine Leclarc an Alonso! An they thought the RONA was bad.

Put 2 and 2 together and people would probably realise that Sainz leaving Mclaren for Ferrari and oh look vacant Mclaren seat who Alonso still has ties with in some capacities and there you have 4. Now ive thought about it. Can see Alonso jumping back in the Mclaren with the Mercedes engine.
First of all, relieved that Vettel is leaving Ferrari. Fast guy, nice guy, but never had the brains of Hamilton or Alonso. He and Raikkonen never inspired me, finally they're both gone. Alonso back at Ferrari would be a coup but he's burned too many bridges and that's his limit, he's smart but not a leader. Hamilton at Ferrari, no I think Hamilton is not done yet, he doesn't need Ferrari. Ricciardo at Ferrari, I would love to see his smile while in the red car, he is the most "italian" in the circus. Sainz, hm all right, I am not over excited. Vettel will sooner or later enter the orbit of Mercedes in some role, if he follows the path of his hero, Michael Schumacher.
Seeing Vettel land at McLaren isn't the craziest scenario one can imagine. I think it would be great - can you imagine that pairing fighting for wins and even championships? Talk about a story line, wow!
I guess that would be the logical one, especially when we see that McLaren have ex-champion fetish, in the midfield they have the right tools for post 2022, also even for 2021 with Merc engine they should be in hunt for a couple of podiums.
btw AstonMartion have the potential of being the dark horse in 2021 season as there will be a development freeze in some areas (between 2020 and 2021 season) and they already have the W10 mercedes for their 2020 season lol
I find it hard to place Vettel anywhere in F1 right now.

He would not go back to Red Bull and play second fiddle to Max, and so both Red Bull and Scudaria AlphaTauri whatever they're called these day are out.

Since parting with Alonso, McLaren have invested in two young drivers and are progressing well. I don't see them abandoning that project for Vettel to come in, especiallyy given a. Vettel's coming to the end of his F1 racing days and is off the boil, b. Sainz and Norris have proven themselves and are the future. c. It didn't work out well with Alonso .

Neither AlfaSauber, Racing Pink, or Haas have the money.

He would not go to Williams. If they were his only option i think we'd quicker see him in LMP or DTM.

Which leaves Renault or Mercedes. So how could that play out?

Well, one obvious answer is Ricciardo goes to Maranello and Seb joins Renault. It's likely Vettel would get on with Prost, at least to begin with, and Daniel would relish the thought of driving for Ferrari, but ... do they want him?

But. And here's the really juicy option..... If Lewis want's to win a title for Ferrari, now would be the time for him to make the switch. YES... i know Lewis is very happy at Mercedes, and YES i know he has a good two or three more WDC to be had if he stays there. But hear me out on this one.

Lewis could win a shortened 2020 WDC and equal Michael's record ( not a stretch to acknowledge he could easily already have 8 titles) but there's a good chance end of 2020 he'll have seven. That said, the current Ferrari is not far off the current Merc, depending on circuit demands of traction, aero, straighline speed, the normal early part of the season favours the Ferrari, and a few races in the 3/4, while the midseason and tail end favour the Merc. But... with no changes in tech / spec regs for 2021. It's likel the disparity between the two teams will eather remain the same, or reduce, nett result, Lewis in a Ferrari would be just as quick, if not quicker than Bottas and Ocon in a Merc.

Lewis is probabl going to equal Michael's record, and, being the only driver in 20 years to win WDC with more than one team, if he moved to Ferrari and managed to win the 2021 WDC he'd become only the second driver to win WDC in more than two teams, the other being Fangio.

There's no doubt Lewis would want to drive for Ferrari at some point, what driver doesn't want to do that, and he likely imagined it would be in three or four years. But.... if he goes now he has the best chance of getting a WDC for the Scuderia before the big 2022 changes. If he waits, then chances are Ferrari will sign someone else and the seat taken for a while, and, in 2022 Ferrari could be on the back foot.

Leaving Mercedes at the end of 2020 would be walking away from a great thing, and a HUGE move, but let's not forget Lewis walked away from McLaren when they were a winning team, and Mercedes was not. I suppose it all depends how much he want's to become one of onl two drivers to win WDC in three teams, and imho 2021 would be his best chance of acheiving that.

If Binotto gets on the phone to Lewis, and he tells Toto he's off, will Toto then call Seb to fill the seat? Or promote Ocon?
Finally...jeez, it took a Leclerc to get this washed up wannabe Schumacher out of Ferrari, treated his teammates like sideh*es and in return never won a championship in Ferrari.

Personally I want Ricciardo in Ferrari, he is the only driver capable of extracting something out of that Ferrari with Leclerc.
Sainz was meh in Toro Rosso and Renault, everyone knows that Lando is slow and even if Sainz makes it to Ferrari, Lando might as well start looking for a seat in Formula-E if he can't even finish a virtual F1 race.
Hope Bottas gets booted from Mercedes and George takes his place before the regs change for 2022.
About Hulk, man's been out for a year at this point, last year he said he doesn't want just any seat, now he says he'll take what's available.
To Ferrari? If Ferrari has taken drugs yeah, that might happen.

Isaac Chavira

Livery Designer
DANNY RIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is my favorite driver and a driver that I would like to be. He just handles adversity the way I wish I could.
Saw someone say 'Perez deserves this!' and couldn't have disagreed more so I kept my mouth shut at the time. The fun choice would be Ricciardo but there hasn't been a fun driver move in years so I won't hold my breath.