Vettel is leaving Ferrari. Where will his future be?

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F1 | Vettel To Leave Ferrari At Season End

In a surprising move, Ferrari have confirmed four time Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel will depart the team at the end of the year - opening up what is sure to be one of the most hotly contested seats in recent seasons.

Having enjoyed incredible success with Red Bull in his early career, many thought the switch to Ferrari for Sebastian Vettel would yield the beginning of a Schumacher esque period of dominance for the famous red team, however when the curtain closes on his five year relationship with the Scuderia at the end of this season, the combination of Vettel and Ferrari will always be known as a case of what might have been.

"My relationship with Scuderia Ferrari will finish at the end of 2020,” said Vettel. “In order to get the best possible results in this sport, it’s vital for all parties to work in perfect harmony.
“The team and I have realised that there is no longer a common desire to stay together beyond the end of this season. Financial matters have played no part in this joint decision. That’s not the way I think when it comes to making certain choices and it never will be.

“What’s been happening in these past few months has led many of us to reflect on what are our real priorities in life. One needs to use one’s imagination and to adopt a new approach to a situation that has changed. I myself will take the time I need to reflect on what really matters when it comes to my future.
“Scuderia Ferrari occupies a special place in Formula 1 and I hope it gets all the success it deserves. Finally, I want to thank the whole Ferrari family and above all its “tifosi” all around the world, for the support they have given me over the years.

“My immediate goal is to finish my long stint with Ferrari, in the hope of sharing some more beautiful moments together, to add to all those we have enjoyed so far."
At this stage it remains unclear what comes next for the likeable German driver, with seemingly few attractive options for continuing to fight at the very forefront of the Formula One grid from 2021 onwards.

With Leclerc locked down into a long term deal in red for the foreseeable future, the tantalising prospect of who could join the young charger is expected to be a key point of discussion in the days and weeks ahead.

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Sep 27, 2009
Was always going to happen shame it's one more season to wait..he will retire as well I reckon.
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Nov 24, 2013
Most F1 team will go bankrupt soon anyway, so the series will only get even better I'm sure...


Nov 27, 2013
I think this was to be expected, Leclerc is the future and it is the second time now that Vettel - as a four time world champion - lost against a young new talent. Would be nice though to still see him some more years, I think he's a good guy.
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Michele Esposito

Aug 4, 2017
Sainz seems to be almost confirmed to take his place in Ferrari, curious to see how he's going to be considering his good progress in McLaren!

Caton XII

Nov 6, 2015
Daniel Ricciardo in a Ferrari, I dreamt and I still dreaming about it !

Sebastian Vettel is a good guy, I got empathy for him as the man he is (I'm not writing about the racing driver) and He hasn't got the opportunity to prove his value out of Red Bull... unfortunately for his reputation and respect.
Some shadows are added to his 4 times world champion titles, He lost a huge consideration, It's a sad fact.

If Daniele Ricciardo will not be a choice for Ferrari, Carlos Sainz might be a good choice, He seems fair and brave.


Feb 13, 2013
I am not fan of Vettel, but he can drive anything, he's shown it more than once in the ROC events. He will be on top in whatever series he pursues his career. If I was Toto Wolff I would jump on the telephone to get him onboard in 2021.

By the way, he's younger than Hamilton and he can still improve; he is even younger than Senna when he passed away. People now are blinded by the media-driven passion for youth.
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Oct 15, 2018
That shocked me a lot, as a Tifoso and a Vettel fan. I think Ricciardo is the best option, but even Sainz or Giovinazzi would be sooooooooo good. I cannot decide between these 3 guys! Maybe Hulkenberg and Bottas would be good 2nds


Mar 1, 2010
Danny,the perfect and logical choice,he is Aussie but rich Italian heritage.

It would be a dream for this Aussie to see him achieve his dreams at Ferrari.

Imagine him speaking to the fans at Monza in their native tongue,he would be a cult hero.

Please (begs on hands and knees) make it happen.