F1 | The New Red Bull Racing RB16B Breaks Cover

Red Bull Racing have become the latest team to take the wraps off their new Formula One car today, revealing the brand-new 2021 RB16B to the world.

Dubbed the RB16B due to the evolutionary nature of the new machine, Red Bull Racing today became the fourth Grand Prix team to reveal their new F1 challenger for 2021, a car which the Austrian team hope will be enough to challenge the might of Mercedes this season.

Featuring a new driving line up of Max Verstappen and Racing Point recruit Sergio Perez, and benefiting from one final hurrah from Honda before they exit the sport at the end of the season, the RB16B represents a golden opportunity for Red Bull to pick up where they left off in 2020, and finally mount a championship challenge that many fans have been eagerly awaiting since the introduction of the hybrid turbo era.

Sporting the recognisable Red Bull livery, minus the now departed Aston Martin sponsorship of recent seasons, once again the team appear to have turned out a very smart looking design - but will it be good enough for a championship charge? Only time will tell....

Red Bull 2021 1.jpg
Red Bull 2021 2.jpg

Original Source: Red Bull

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Red Bull 2021 3.jpg
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Feb 17, 2013
That straw-like crash cone it's the most impressive thing I've seen in the recent years.


Jul 28, 2018
So another one with the tyres lined up, so far just Alpha Tauri letting the side down! :)

Surprise, a blue car, yellow hints and a red bull :) nobody saw that coming.
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Nov 1, 2016
“If, tomorrow, Ferrari releases another red livery as per tradition, nobody panics...because it's all 'part of the plan'.

But when I say that Red Bull wants to keep their own livery tradition alive, well then everyone loses their minds!!!”

what’s good for the goose...let RB do their thing.
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Oct 2, 2019
Here's hope that Merc will be challenged this year.
Nope, as much as I hate to say it. The 2021 cars are pretty much the 2020 cars as any meaningful development was to all intents and purposes stopped for the 2021 season. There might be a tiny bit of development here and a bit there but in all probability not enough to make any significant difference to the overall relative performance of the cars.

An exception might be Mclaren as they've got a Mercedes power plant this year, but they've had to shoehorn it into a car that was designed to accommodate a Renault engine. Admittedly the FIA has given them permission to alter the chassis in order to take the Mercedes engine, but this means only just enough to take the new engine, and is subject to FIA inspection. It maybe the case that it puts Mclaren on the backfoot for this season, although I hope not.

2022 is first year that we might see a real shake up and see the grid switch around.

Mr Latte

Jun 2, 2016

I have a good idea why Aston Martin is no longer advertised on the rear wing. :D
Still, it looks nice with the HONDA

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Oct 2, 2019
Not to say, of course, that the car looks very different from last year's car ... Almost the main difference is the appearance of Perez's Mexican sponsors and the replacement of the Aston Martin logos with Honda. Well, this is 2021 - so far without megarevolutions


Oct 2, 2019
:( 10 yrs same ****. Same will be during racing. So here goes another title to HAM - 100%
Well, whether you like it or not, F1 has always been about the best car, and not necessarily about the best driver.

Is it Mercedes fault that they've done excellent work keeping the car ahead of the competition? Or is it the other teams fault in that they haven't been able to keep up?

The history of F1 is littered with teams and drivers dominating for years at a time - Williams, Mclaren, Ferrari and Red Bull have all had long periods where they were untouchable, now it's Mercedes turn.

Formula 1 isn't a race series to watch if you're into close racing and having the championship being decided with a nail biting last lap of the last race.


Aug 14, 2020
I see they added telcel on the wings for Sergio's long term sponsor. Livery aside it would be interesting to see if they can challenge for constructors. Realistically I don't see anyone other than Hamilton winning the drivers. But it would be great to see a constructors battle. Since RB closed the gap near the end of last year and most teams focusing on 2022 it's not impossible. Not to mention I imagine Sergio should be able to return regular high points hauls.


Aug 28, 2012
dammit THAT front wing !?? :confused:
I thought the go for less downforce this year, not more ??:alien: