Alfa Romeo have today revealed their new Formula One car to the world - introducing the Ferrari powered C41 of Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi.

Another day, another new F1 car launch! Following on from the reveal of the latest cars from AlphaTauri and McLaren, Saub... Alfa Romeo become the third 2021 Grand Prix team to reveal their new car to the world, following an event in Poland this morning with race drivers Kimi Raikkonen, Antonio Giovinazzi and reserve driver Robert Kubica.

Once again powered by Ferrari and featuring the distinctive colours of primary sponsor and naming rights holder Alfa Romeo, the C41 represents what the team must hope is a significant improvement over the little loved 2020 car, one which saw Alfa Romeo slip further towards the rear of the midfield than many believe this capable and tightnit Swiss team have the potential to achieve.

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Frédéric Vasseur, Team Principal Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN and CEO Sauber Motorsport AG: “The launch of a new car is always an emotional moment, the culmination of months of effort from everyone back at the factory and the start of a new adventure. I think the philosophy upon which the team is based remains the same – we have to do a better job tomorrow than we are doing today. We finished last season in P8, so we have to target a better result in 2021. To do so, we have to keep improving in each department, trackside and back at HQ. Every team on the grid has very high expectations right now: all the teams expect to do a good job in the winter and to be in a good position for the first race, but soon it will be the time for everyone to show their cards.”

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Jan Monchaux, Technical Director Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN: “The C41 is the result of a very unusual situation in Formula One, in which the regulations have made us unable to develop an entire new car for this year. For this reason, our 2021 car shares a lot of common parts with the C39, with the exception of those which the regulations forced us to change – such as the floor – and the nosecone, in which we invested our two development tokens. This means we will know the car much better than usual when we get to testing, but it’s still going to be crucial to make the most of those three days to verify that reality matches our expectations and to get to know the new tyres. We are ready for the new season and we can’t wait to see our new car on track.”

Survival cellAlfa Romeo Racing Orlen Carbon-composite monocoque
Front suspensionDouble wishbone, inboard spring and Multimatics damper units actuated by pushrods
Rear suspensionMultilink, inboard hydraulic suspension actuated by pullrods
BrakesBrembo 6 piston brake callipers. Brembo carbon-composite and discs and pads
Power unit2020 Ferrari Hybrid
TransmissionFerrari 8-speed quick-shift carbon gearbox, longitudinally mounted, carbon-composite clutch
ElectronicsMagneti Marelli, McLaren Electronic Systems, Bosch
Steering wheelAlfa Romeo Racing Orlen

Original Source; Alfa Romeo F1

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Oct 2, 2019
Alpha Tauri coloring style is an infectious thing))) On the way, everyone will paint their cars exactly the opposite)

Andrew Harper

Dec 1, 2014
What's going on with these photos? rFactor 2 has more realistic graphics then those!
somethings not quite right with the group photo.

having thought about COVID would prevent a group shot, so I guess all three drivers were shot individually and then put into the picture.

they look out of proportion with the car I think.
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Richard Hessels

Jul 23, 2008
Could the drivers and team members be any more monotone? It was like they just learned their favorite pet dog had died.
Exactly, at any presentation the drivers are looking if there dog died.
It's already not such joyfull times, at least have some happy drivers faces, for the amount they are getting payed living their dream.
Those dwarfs don't have to look like they are ready for prize fight with Nico Verhoeven.
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Dec 12, 2016
The unveiling of F1 cars the past couple of decades is almost entirely paint schemes and advertising as if they were all painted the same color I would be hard pressed to distinguish one from the other.


Mar 28, 2013
Is it just me or does the nose look very similar to the one Mclaren were running before they switched to a Mercedes style nose?