F1 Testing Day 6 | Bottas Takes It - But Who's Sandbagging?

News : Formula 1: Teams formally object to Ferrari engine settlement

7 out of the 10 Teams

Not hard to guess...

"Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren, Renault, Racing Point, Alpha Tauri and Williams all released identical statements Wednesday morning.

They say they will "pursue full and proper disclosure" and "reserve our rights to seek legal redress."

Its like everyone has been hypnotised and think this is normal in modern day sports to have an investigations and end it with an undisclosed Settlement.. That's how things run now... Forget transperancy
Why dose it take so long to realize. In NASCAR each car is inspected on entry to track and action like fines done. Now i know NASCAR is a spec series and all cars look the same even a Ford or Chevy is almost the same on airo. The technology is in tuning the engine. OK so each F1 car will look different inside as parts small and components are placed based on design. But i believe it can be worked around. Even have a team of personnel working for FIA to study a team's car and watch it all season long if you have to. To make it comply with rule book.
I'd love for Williams to be back to competitive.
2021 and new airo and salary cap will fix there problems. All they need is a good engineer since Patrick Head the man who ran the team technically is gone. And Williams has always been tight on salary. leaving good people to hand around and leave. Like Adrian Newley, he went to McLaren and Red Bull for money.

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