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What racing gear do you use while sim racing?

  • Gloves

    Votes: 60 18.8%
  • Boots

    Votes: 9 2.8%
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    Votes: 31 9.7%
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F1 steering wheel with / without dashboard or additional clutch paddles (VRS DF Pro)

Hello folks,

I already have a VRS Direct Force Pro on which the Porsche steering wheel (320mm diameter) with the Fanatec (Porsche Endurance) button box is on it. Since I also like to play dirt rally, etc., I bought a round steering wheel at the time.

But since steering wheels with smaller diameters react faster, I wanted to see what else there is on the market on F1-shaped steering wheels. I now came across www.speedmaxracing.it, which even offers a dashboard in the steering wheel - I got interested. SRG itself gave the steering wheel an "okay", which is why I would not hesitate too much for buying it.

I have the following wheels to choose from:

- 265mm: F1 wheel, which is similar to the Ferrari wheel? 14 buttons, 3 encoders, 550 €

- 280mm: There are the GT1 steering wheels, which are very similar to their F1 wheels - only that they are closed at the bottom. 6 buttons, 3 encoders
https://www.speedmaxracing.it/it/volanti/16-gt1rimaddoncarbon.html without LED 550 €
https://www.speedmaxracing.it/it/st...dle-shiftersmr/adattatore-adattatore_osw_70mm with LED 650 €

And an F1 wheel: https://www.speedmaxracing.it/it/steering-wheel-f1/111-smr-fto.html 8 buttons, 3 encoders, 450 €

- 300mm: Here are the F1 Wheels, staggered with the Hamilton W08 steering wheel without LED and the Hamilton Wheel with LED; 12 buttons + 3 encoders each; The Hamilton Wheel WITH LED also has the clutch paddles!

https://www.speedmaxracing.it/it/vo...arbon-clutches-logitech-thrustmaster-osw.html 490 €
https://www.speedmaxracing.it/it/vo...arbon-clutches-logitech-thrustmaster-osw.html 690 €

What I wonder:

1) As far as I have recorded it, it is "only" about real clutch paddles and not analogs -> I can not change their function in other games so I can switch to TC up / down?

2) How noticeable is the effect between the different diameters and what is "recommended"?

3) How exactly does the cable run on the Hamilton Wheel + LEDs, since an HDMI connection is also required here? Then I would have to sacrifice my 4th screen because I no longer have a free connection on my graphics card.

4) How much do you like the RPM LEDs? I imagine it to be pretty nice-to-have.

5) € 700 is the ABSOLUTE maximum I want to afford a steering wheel.

At the moment I tend to wipe the 265mm wheel, most of the buttons and the Hamilton Wheel + LED, that would be the complete package with everything. (whether 12 or 14 buttons on the steering wheel is also something). The slightly larger wheels also have a slightly larger screen, but I don't care.