F1 returning to V10/V12 engines would not be accepted - Jean Todt

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    Well I have just read on Autosport the FIA (JeanTodt) have pretty much ruled out going back to V10/V12 engines which have that throaty sound we all crave and miss.

    His rationale is that teams would leave the sport because they need cars to be relevant to the road cars of today and the demand is for "greener race cars". The cars of years gone by would not be accepted he states.

    So forgive me for thinking this they can't have louder non environmentally friendly cars because the public would object.

    So I am curious who would put their hand up if asked should F1 cars be more environmentally friendly or you would stop watching.

    Ok hands down ...

    Right lets look at this logically firstly races are held across the world which means aircraft fly the teams around from venue to venue (presumably not in Hydrogen filled balloons but real aircraft).

    They then use several thousand liters of fossil fuel to test the engines, and run hundreds of test laps to get the car developed ... still with me.

    The audience then get in large aircraft to follow the teams or travel from where ever in their own country to get to a race venue. On the whole most race tracks by their very nature are not close to massive populations and tend to involve a bit of travel and traffic jams.

    But that aside when has motor racing ever been a green sport ?

    Ok the formula E might be a tad greener but unless they fly in electric aircraft and travel in electric buses it's not what you could call green.

    In fact has it not occured to any one that electricity has to be generated usually by burning fossil fuel or nuclear reactors neither of which are exactly green either.

    But Jean (who I always thought was a rational kind of guy) has the answer in 4-5 years we will be running hydrogen powered cars at race events. Yipee!

    Well they will certainly be green and won't be noisy there is still the issue of generating the hydrogen and the fact it goes bang very loudly when ignited so I guess no smoking is a given.

    But all is not so bad ... seriously

    On the plus side they can give everyone a head set and play loudly V10/12 engine noises through them life is going to be so exciting.

    I can see the day when they decide to settle championships via linked SIM racing so their is hope for us yet hydrogen powered SIM racing the ultimate in greener F1.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong but the construction of a Toyota Prius damages the environment enough to out weigh the owning of one? Probably heard that somewhere when I was very tired and may have gotten that wrong...

    But we live on an expendable resource (earth) one day it's gonna run out. But will we reach that day before cosmo-conkers knocks us of our orbital plane? I don't get it. We should enjoy what we have now whilst we still have it. Preserving it for something else to destroy it is a useless excercise.

    Anyway.... At least he didn't rule out going back to the V8's....
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    Not sure what the similarity between Formula 1 and road cars is but for sure it's not the engine. I don't see V6 1.6L Turbo engines with 1000bhp driving around where I live. If they need to resemble road car engines a powerless V4 2.0L without a turbo would be more logical.

    I still need to the meet the first person that watches F1 because of the real life engines they are using. Every fan I know wants to go back to V10 and V12 screaming monsters and anybody that states otherwise is just a Formula E fan :D
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    Totally agree I am suprised JT would come out with such stuff may be he is playing to the "greenies" but god save us if what he says ever comes true.

    The first time I attended a motor racing event for real I was amazed how loud those engines were and you only get a fraction of that on TV. I haven't been recently (ok 20 years) but pretty sure the dumbed down high pitch engines of today are still screamingly loud but lacking that deep down throaty roar of the V10/V12 but on the plus side a decent V8 can pack some serious roar.

    I am hoping his comment about hydrogen driven motors was a tongue in cheek comment but Jean Todt never really grabbed me as being a joker so i fear for the worse.

    If you watch Formula E it sounds better if you put some early Rush or Deep Purple on headphones when you watch it it won't make the racing any more exciting and you'll struggle with the commentary but it at least almost gets the adrenaline going well just a tad.

    May be I will try some Black Sabbath or Motorhead and see if that works better. Some how Floyds "comfortably numb" seems more appropriate.
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