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F1 | Racing Point Sign Nico Hulkenberg To Replace Sidelined Perez

Good news. I think that a lot of fans are glad to see the Hulk back in a good car. I hope he does well, even if it’s very hard to just jump like that in a new car and race.
Yeah! The Incredible Hulk is back...

Nick Hill

At the risk of making this thread sound like a broken record...go get a podium, Nico!

I was pretty indifferent on Hulkenberg during his time in F1 so I'm a little surprised how excited I feel by the idea that he has a legit chance at a podium this weekend. I'll be watching with great interest!
There is no way Hulk has a chance for a podium. He doesn't know the car and RedBull and Ferrari don't look as far as in Hungary. Maybe next week-end, but not this one.


// If you want to save the planet, drive fast !
He's a good guy and a good driver I wished many time he could be in a top team, he would have been great for sure.....sad he never succeeded in anything in F1....