F1 racing at RD

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You can check this out tomorrow on PSRTV :)

FPWS Round 7 @ Silverstone, Saturday May 15th at 19:00 GMT

Known worldwide as one of the most famous motorsport venues, Silverstone Circuit is host to this weekend's Round 7 of the Formula Pro World Series. With the season dwindling down to the final 3 races and the Championship still up for grabs there should be plenty of action in the Pro Division. Ventis Didrihsons has the points lead but with Jamie Blewitt close behind, along with newcomer Fernando Rees and other proven drivers on such a fast and flowing track. There should be lots of battles to watch out for.

Please join us for our live broadcast on f1.racedepartment.com , Saturday May 15th @ 19:00 GMT and watch the action unfold.

Race Day time table:
18:00 GMT - Qualifying session 1
18:30 GMT - Qualifying session 2 (Superpole)
18:45 GMT - Warm up
19:00 GMT - Race 60laps (full F1 race distance)
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