F1 Overtakes

Im just curious as to what everyones favourite overtake manouvers are in F1.
And if poss post a vid.
Mine has to be Villeneuve on Schumacher at Estoril 96, amazing bravery to make it stick.

I only started taking a keen interest in racing a few years ago but I do search youtube for videos and this has to be some of the best racing I have seen.

Doing this in a computer game is awesome so god knows what it is like in real life.
Good ol Gilles, a proper driver. Rene Arnoux wasn't ro shabby either.

I almost forgot about this masterclass from Montoya at the old bus stop. And yes that is Schumacher.

Candy from a baby!

Derek Day

glock on schumacher Melbourne 2010. What a boy, legendry! :D

Glock got to pop his vergin's cherry with the grids oldest F1 slut lol. Sorry guys, I love Schumacher but I bet he would even laugh at that.

Villeneuve on Schumacher, Estoril 96
Alonso on Schumacher, Japan 2005
Gilles Villeneuve on Rene Arnoux, Dijon Grand Prix 79 best wheel to wheel display of balls! Speeking of balls Michael Schumacher Vs Damon Hill, Spa 94 took some nuts too.
Schumacher on Senna, Montreal 1992, that sure supprised Senna that this new kid stuffed him in a Benetton. Now I cant stop thinking about this, theirs so many good ones. We're not even scratching the surface yet :rolleyes:
ABSOLUTE BEST BATTLE OF ALL TIME: Villneuve vs. Arnoux '79 French Grand Prix---> :cool:

haha loved Glock on Schuey, had a great laugh there! one of the best of all time has to be Hakkinen vs Schumacher at spa (one Ivo posted).

Most evil overtake of all time by Alonso :eek:

And Alonso's ballsy start at Silverstone 07 was great, but can't find the vid..
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