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F1 News Today - The Stories

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Scott Webber, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. Scott Webber

    Scott Webber

    Hi Guy's, when there's alot of Daily news in that 1 day i'll put the stories in one thread to keep the forums tidy, i only post the most interesting and valuable stories.

    We start this of with the most popular driver being in the spotlight this year, yeah that's right Lewish Hamilton!

    McLaren will take care of Hamilton - Neale

    McLaren will take care of Lewis Hamilton, that's the claim of the outfits managing director, Jonathan Neale, after a disappointing few races for the 26-year-old.

    Hamilton has failed to finish on the podium since winning the German Grand Prix in July, whilst teammate Jenson Button has won two races and extended his lead in second by 32 points over the 2008 champion.
    Neale says the team are fully supportive of Hamilton and are ready to take care of him if needed, rather than pressure him into doing better.

    "He desperately wants to win and he's understandably not happy when either his team-mate beats him, or somebody else is winning the race or the championship. He's seen this championship slide away to Red Bull. He's tough on himself and he's massively disappointed. We'd be disappointed if he didn't feel that as well," Neale said in a Vodafone McLaren-Mercedes phone-in on Wednesday.

    "Lewis is a phenomenal driver. He's had 16 race wins. He's constantly exciting on the circuit, always in the action and we love him for that.

    "Certainly I'm concerned to make sure that he feels and understands that we're 100 per cent behind him, and this team certainly is. The workforce here love everything about Lewis Hamilton.


    [HR][/HR]Boullier: Kubica talks imminent

    Renault boss Eric Boullier is set to meet with Robert Kubica this week so that he can start planning for the 2012 season.

    Kubica is still undergoing rehabilitation following his rallying crash at the start of the year. The Pole's agent has previously indicated that he will inform Renault "early November" as to whether or not he can race next season.

    However, Boullier is hoping to get an answer from Kubica as early as possible so that the team don't have to do last-minute negotiations for a new driver should he be unable to return to F1 next year.
    "I am going to make a call this week to see where he stands and then to start planning something," the Frenchman told Autosport.

    "I've no idea how quick we can make a decision. This is not a normal process, there is no normal process. We need to meet, we need to speak, we need to test, and there is the matter of everything he needs to do and everything we need to do as well."


    RB8 to be an evolution of the RB7 - Newey


    Adrian Newey says Red Bull's 2012 car, of which he is the lead designer, will not be a totally new car, but an evolution of this years dominant challenger.

    Red Bull have based its cars on their predecessors since the RB5 in 2009, a move which has paid off, whilst their rivals have gone down the path of completely redesigning almost every part - something Stefano Domenicali confirmed would be the case at Ferrari this winter.

    "We will change everything; even the steering wheel," said the Ferrari team principal.
    Newey though, quick to point out that the regulations will only see some minor tweaks, other than the exhaust exits being strictly regulated, means its better to use the RB7 as a base for the RB8.

    "I think that fundamentally there’s no point in doing something new if it's not better, so our approach is certainly not complacency, so we're not thinking: 'we don't have to do anything, we’ll still be quick enough next year.' That would be enormous folly," said the Brit.

    "We’re working away trying to deal with the regulation changes. I think the restriction on the exhaust exit position is actually a very big change; it goes through the car. Other than that, the regulation changes are significant but not huge.
    "So, in that sense, the car will be an evolution, it will bear a family resemblance to the RB5, RB6, RB7 lineage. It’s just a matter of pushing on, as always."

    Newey did however warn that the RB8 might not enjoy such a dominant start to the year as he expects greater competition.


    Force India to become Sahara Force India after buy-in

    The Force India team will be renamed Sahara Force India Formula One following a buy-in from the Sahara Group.
    Mallya will remain as team principal of the Silverstone-based outfit.

    He has sold a 42.5% stake in his team to Subrata Roy’s Sahara Group. Mallya’s United Breweries Group retains 42.5%, with a further 15% held by Michel Mol.


    Mallya said: “I am delighted to welcome Saharasri Subrata Roy Sahara as Chairman of Sahara Force India.
    “It has indeed been a matter of pride for me to put India on the F1 map with Force India and raise the performance of the team to its current levels. The Sahara Group has played a very important role in the development of sport in the country and is an ideal partner to take the Force India F1 Team to greater success in the Formula 1 world championship.”

    Subrata Roy said: “The advent of India in this exciting sport has remained a matter of pride for all our countrymen. I feel doubly proud that Sahara is the co-owner of India’s only F1 team and I am sure that through the Sahara Force India F1 Team, we will together bring pride and laurels to our beloved nation.”

    Last week he strongly denied rumours the team was up for sale, saying: “As team principal, I will continue to run the team and I have no plans whatsoever to exit.”

    The Sahara Group’s businesses include includes television channels, real estate companies, film distribution, tourism services and a cricket team.


    PUMA to sponsor Mercedes from 2012


    The Mercedes GP outfit announced a new multi-year partnership deal with PUMA on Wednesday.
    The deal will come into effect from January 1st 2012 and will see the sportswear company become the team’s exclusive licensing partner for footwear, apparel and accessories, and an official team partner, replacing Henri Lloyd.
    The MGP W03 - next years challenger - will also incorporate PUMA branding as will the teams race wear.

    Ross Brawn, Mercedes team principal, said of the deal: "PUMA has a long and successful heritage in motorsport and, having worked with them previously in Formula One, I know their technical performance innovations for racewear are amongst the best in the industry, which is of course critical to our racing operation. PUMA’s global capability to design, develop and distribute licensed products for fans of the Silver Arrows around the world is equally impressive. This is a key partnership for Mercedes GP, and one we are delighted to have established."

  2. Diego Lopez

    Diego Lopez

    Newey ""We’re working away trying to deal with the regulation changes."". rofl. stop using the engines reliability as an excuse, others dont have that issue.

    Btw FIA hire proofreaders to look for loopholes, this guy has great reading comprehension he can find anything to exploit. College Professors shoudl be very affordable for the FIA to hire.
  3. Fredrik Arbegard

    Fredrik Arbegard

    If there is a loophole in the rules it should be sealed and not argued about.
    Rules should always be written so that they cannot be interpreted in any other way.
    However it is difficult to formulate such rules, to give an example from the karting world.
    "The driver must no let go of the wheel with both hands until the race has ended"
    Problem is when has the race ended?
    When they are giving out the prizes? After they have made it to the pits? Or when the checkered flag falls?
    That rule was taken away after one incident, but it shows how hard it can be to formulate rules and definitions and if we are gonna go into the technical side of things then it is almost impossible.
    So I doubt proofreaders is a good investment by FIA.