F1 | New Look AlphaTauri 2020 F1 Car Revealed

The former Toro Rosso Grand Prix team have revealed their new 2020 challenger, pairing a dramatic new livery with their re-branding to AlphaTauri for the year ahead.

Shedding Toro Rosso branding but retaining the driving strength of Pierre Gasly and Daniil Kvyat, the new for 2020 Scuderia AlphaTauri F1 Team have showcased the very first car to hit the circuit under the Italian fashion house branding - the Scuderia AlphaTauri AT01.

Revealed at the Red Bull Hanger 7 in Austria, the new car will once again be powered by the same Honda unit as sister team Red Bull, and this season the Austria / Italian outfit are aiming for improvements across the board, with fifth in the constructors championship the minimum target for the new squad;

“I must say that we are very optimistic for this new season,” said Franz Tost, AlphaTauri Team Principle.​

"First of all, the car showed very good results in the wind tunnel, secondly, Honda made big progress during the winter months from the performance side as well as from the reliability side, and third we have two good drivers, they showed it already last year.
“The expectations are that we must be within the top five in the constructors’ championship. Our biggest competitors are Renault, McLaren, Racing Point and Haas, and the rest we will see. “We have a very close relationship with Red Bull technologies,” added the fiery Austrian.​

AlphaTauri 5.jpg

On the part of the drivers, returning Daniil Kvyat is excited to get back behind the wheel of a Formula One car again, and hopes that 2020 will build upon a solid return to the sport last year;
“I’m very excited to go racing again. This is going to be my sixth year in Formula 1, which is a fantastic feeling. Even though technically speaking, the core of the team stays the same, the name has changed with AlphaTauri stepping in. But while the team and the car will have a different look, technically, the AT01 is pretty much an evolution of last year’s STR14, which already worked well. Having that as a starting point, our aim is to improve it and move forward as much as possible.”
"You can always improve yourself, so I’ll keep working on that and my personal improvement as a driver, try to get as many good finishes for the team in order to help secure a good position in the championship. 2019 was a good year for me, with ten top-10 finishes and a podium finish in Hockenheim, so it’s definitely a year to remember, but there’s obviously room for improvement. I wouldn’t say I’ve set myself any specific targets for this year, I want to keep doing what I was doing, but better.”

Original Source: AlphaTauri Twitter

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David DeGreef

R3E Racing Club Host US
Dec 12, 2016
I like the livery but the area where the mirror is, brought to mind a LEGO project. These cars are horrendous.


Aug 27, 2017
Another drab coloured livery!!!!! Lucky it actually looks good, but now we have 3 greyish coloured cars in the field!!!
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Aug 28, 2012
C00l ! :thumbsup:
Feel like this car will be seen a lot in multiplayer.
Cutie pew die pie ! :)


Mar 2, 2010
I thought it was black and white, but apparently, it’s dark blue and white. I think I need new glasses or a better monitor, because this looks black and white to me! :O_o:
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Dec 29, 2014
As much as this is a striking livery, I hope this doesn't set a trend. I see enough monochrome when I go on the motorway :p

I thought it was black and white, but apparently, it’s dark blue and white. I think I need new glasses or a better monitor, because this looks black and white to me! :O_o:
It can also be the camera, don't worry. We'll see what it looks like once it gets into proper sunlight.