F1 mods. Is it just me?



I've been playing racing sims for a year or two using GT's and Touring cars and over the last couple of weeks I thought I'd have a go at these F1 thingies figuring "How difficult can it be?"... Turns out, very! Having tried other forms of racing and having a thorough understanding of the basics, slow in, fast out etc. I can see it's the same basic principal with F1 but actually taking corners without stopping first to take a deep breath and plan your exit is like trying to score a hole-in-one 3 times on the trot. With other, slower forms of racing I start slow and gradually build up speed but driving fast in F1 doesn't seem the same as 'driving slow...only quicker', it's an entirely different technique. What I mean is, when driving above a certain speed I use the extra acceleration to push the car which seems to provide (quite) a bit more traction (sorry if that bit makes no sense, I can't think of another way of explaining it). Anyway, I've watched my replays and it's like watching Goofy in a high speed cop chase...in time acceleration mode. Seems that anyone hoping to engage in this sport needs the dexterity of a surgeon and the reactions of Spiderman. How come these bloody F1 drivers have the outward appearance of normal people? I'm not really looking for help here, I was just venting my inadequacy and wondering if it's just me?

Kyle Evers

I agree. The F1 cars ARE extremely difficult. Even for the most experienced drivers, it is quite a task. The physics of the F1 cars are very different too, in both speed and handling. One thing that helps is knowing the track well. Not just the driving line but braking points and bumpy areas. A good setup is essential too for a decent lap. Having a good setup compared to the default one can easily effect your lap times by 3 seconds, possibly more.