F1 Mobile Racing Update 9 Coming Soon...

Codemasters have confirmed Update 9 for the popular F1 Mobile Racing game is arriving imminently...

... and contains access to the increasingly popular F1 Esports for the very first time! Yes, widening participation from the current Xbox One, PS4 and PC platforms to debut on mobile gaming for the first time, the upcoming update 9 for F1 Mobile Racing begins this December 13th, and will offer players the opportunity to compete for qualification in the main Esport series.

'Starting on December 13, The Mobile Qualifier works in a similar way to your standard F1® Mobile Racing GP Event: compete in three separate events, taking place on the circuits of Australia (Melbourne), Singapore (Marina Bay) and Belgium (Spa-Francorchamps). From these three events, you’ll earn a cumulative score, which is then used for your global leaderboard placement. You’ll have the chance to retry or re-enter the event to shave off those tenths of a second and give you another shot at the top spot.

We’re giving every player an equal chance at taking the top spot in the Mobile Qualifier, by putting the same cap on every car’s PI (Performance Indicator) level – the number that dictates the overall performance of your car. That means in this GP Event, car performance does not matter; just like the F1 Esports series, it’s all down to your skill, nerve and consistency as a driver

As well as that big piece of news, the new update will also include a few other goodies for gamers who use the free to play mobile app, details of which can be found below;

  • Christmas Pass: Grab yourself an early Holiday season present with our Christmas Pass! Available until January 5th, unwrap the Christmas Pass to earn in-game currency, new R&D parts, and exclusive winter-themed visual items. Discover your new items via our in-game advent calendar, with new rewards ready to open every day through the festive period!
  • Shop: Check out the brand new Shop, where we’re stocking some brand new offers, new parts to grab every day, and starter packs now available every time you change Leagues in Duel.
  • Season Championship Finale: The 2019 F1 season may be over, but our season-long championship is rolling on! Until January 31st, you have the chance to retry previous events in Season Championship to improve your overall score and global leaderboard ranking, leading to bigger and better prizes. Good luck!
  • Daily parts: Update 9 brings two new daily parts for players, so as you check in each day to open your advent calendar from the Christmas Pass, make sure to open your daily pack, too. Drop rates have been removed from the daily pack, so you can always see what you’re acquiring. Also, keep checking in for our weekly, seasonal and flash offers!

No official release date has been confirmed as yet, however I'm sure further details will revealed in the near future.

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Nov 27, 2013
No angry simdad here. :D
However mobilegames are trash so why give them a platform here?


Apr 27, 2013
No angry simdad here. :D
However mobilegames are trash so why give them a platform here?
You will tend to find globally that there is waaaaaaaaay more people who own mobile phones than people who actually own a console or PC, so in reality it is more relevant because its reaching more of the general public,
I like these articles its all racing and if you do not read it here where to read it ?
I do not want to visit 2-3-4-5 different websites to read about news I only come here so very happy they provide me with all the necessary info I need.

Cote Dazur

May 21, 2013
What's next? An article about Mario Kart?
RD is the biggest Motorsport web site, as such, it needs to cater to all sort of reader, some might not even play any racing game ( SIM) but will be happy to read real motor sport content.
Hard core SIM driver are a niche within a niche, we should be thankful that RD site owner is also a Hard Core SIM driver, as we will always be well cater for here, but we also need to share the space.
If a news as no interest to you, don't read it, their is plenty that is relevant.
How are you enjoying the mega R3E update?

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Dec 26, 2006
Im sorry to say, mobile games do not belong here at all.
Luckily you don't decide what belongs on this website and what not. However you always have the option not to read an article that doesn't interest you. It's all about choices.

You can ignore mobile gaming and ridicule it. It's the new way for a large group of people to get into contact with our beloved niche and therefore it has all the merit to be on RD. If the same conversion happens from casual to hardcore racing as with F1 2010 (where everybody told us it didn't belong here either) we will all be thankful for the new blood coming into our niche.

we should be thankful that RD site owner is also a Hard Core SIM driver,
I am as simcade as can be :roflmao::roflmao: