F1 Mobile Racing - Update 8 Available Now

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Codemasters have released a new update to their latest mobile racing title - F1 Mobile Racing.

The new build, the eighth since the game released on iOS and Android devices back in October 2018 ,sees plenty in the way of improvements and changes to the officially licenced mobile device Formula One title.

Of the key changes for this new build, the ability to now select longer distance single player races and a bunch of additional performance parts for the in game vehicles are arguably the highlights of release 8 - and Codemasters have confirmed they will continue to listen to community feedback as they look to further develop the game in the months ahead.

Check out the highlights from the new build below...

F1 Mobile Racing - Update 8 - New Features

Find new ways to take your car’s performance up a gear, with five brand new R&D parts added to the game. Win Duels, complete objectives and rank on leaderboards to uncover the two Epic and three Rare parts.

Earn additional R&D points as you progress through the Leagues in Duel mode, giving you more chances to adjust and improve your car’s performance.

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Want longer races in Single mode? You got it. It’s time for a test of endurance, as you can create races on any circuit you’ve unlocked that last 10 or 15 laps!

Visual and technical improvements across the board, including changes made based on community feedback.

What do you think of F1 Mobile Racing? Do you like the concept, have you tried the game yet? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Must be slow news day. Even nonsense like this RD wants to cover. Shall RD cover games like “Real” Racing 3, CSR or Asphalt soon?

More importantly, how much bloated RD wants to make the news section? I nearly missed the announcement of iracing adding the new Australian supercars because of the amount of news the site started to add. Plus, is a news of a F1 mobile game or cash grab relevant to the audience here?


What fov to set on iphone 7s ? anybode have some calculator for this or something....can`t find no mobile racing forums topics on this meter :p
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