F1: Miami Grand Prix Agreement in Principle Confirmed

Andrew Harper

Or the year they dropped Silverstone for Donington in 93
Sorry matey, just picking you up on that one.

The Donington race was branded the European Grand Prix and Silverstone still took place in July as the British Grand Prix. I can't remember the exact reason why but a grand prix was planned around that time and it never happened. That's how Tom Wheatcroft got his chance. Might have been Dubai maybe. Not sure.

Extra races in Europe tend to end up with the European Grand Prix tag which is kind of handy to have in your back pocket, unless we have two races in the UK again. BREXIT Grand Prix anyone? :)

Joking aside, I'm not really sure about a Miami Grand Prix. Depends on where they run the race. I kind of liked Phoenix for example because although the races were a bit bland, it was bumpy, wide and fast. Which in my view is what a street circuit should be. A completely different set of challenges compared to a race circuit.

Anyway, it's only an agreement in principle. Will be interesting to see if the deal happens for real.

Matt Y


There was a year when the "Swiss" GP was held in France as well. 1982 or so if I recall correctly.
Because Switzerland are pussies for banning motor racing.

And even then, Alain Menu, Neel Jani and the Sauber racing team is allowed to compete without incident.
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Remember when they wanted to have a CART/Indycar race in Boston? They had a track layout and everything.

Bostonians be like "knock yourself out, nobody will notice".
I though there was an old rule that they wouldn't have more than one GP per country, its been a while since I heard that or read it somewhere a long time ago. If it dose go ahead can only hope for a good layout for some good racing. I still have my fingers crossed for quite some time time now for a good new track, I think they are permanently cramped in the crossed position.
In 1982 there were 3 Grand Prix in the US. US GP West at Long Beach, Detroit GP, and Caesars Palace GP.


No way. The CIA doesn't do air cover in that part of the world, and all these car races need helicopters by the dozen.
If you are unaware that the CIA funds cartels like the ones that operate in places like Miami, I don't know what to tell you other than you might've missed the point in the joke...


San Marino gave Italy two
Luxembourg gave Germany two
Pacific gave Japan two
European gave UK and Spain two
plus a bunch I cant remember off the top of my head.
A rule paid very little reverence.
That opens the possibility to have a GP at Zandvoort and Assen!:D So people in my country can finally stop the discussion about that and tickets will be sold out easily for both because of the ‘Orange Army’.:p
They already ruined the atmosphere of the Miami Open tennis tournament by moving it to this parking lot of a place, so may as well do the same for F1.


So this is the layout going counter clockwise, it would appear.

View attachment 329693

What's with the boats to the left? :p

Hand palm to forehead really ,really hard ! no where in that location can you place any type of boat unless its on a trailer . The track would be 75% in the stadium parking lot. Lets just bring out the go carts and bypass the hand shake!


And here I thought F1 was suppose to be learning from past mistakes...this smells like Caesar's Palace GP all over again.

I was actually getting excited about getting an F1 race I might actually be able to afford going to, but now I don't know. Then again, this is for 2021 so I'd be curious to see and hear the new cars in person.


Hand palm to forehead really ,really hard ! no where in that location can you place any type of boat unless its on a trailer . The track would be 75% in the stadium parking lot. Lets just bring out the go carts and bypass the hand shake!
What a great idea! :p On Gmaps there actually is a Go Kart track laid out in the bottom right section of the course in a parking lot. Every year they could have the Go Kart GP round where all the karts are identical. No sponsors, no strategists. Just F1 drivers racing Go Karts. I'm joking because I know it's not possible, but I also want this to happen now.

The greenies don't like people to fly , It kills the planet , The VIPs will have to arrive and leave by boat.
This is Greta's fault. I wonder if her attitude about powered vehicles will change when she's old enough to operate them. :p
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