GP2 Engine!:p
Alpine livery looks amazing, maybe that will make them faster:D
Merc looks simple and probably faster and too good for everyone else except for the printers:(
Glad to hear FA is on the road to recovery, hopefully the car performs as well as it looks as it would be a shame to see it muddled in mediocrity.
It's sad for FA because Ocon is without a doubt for me the worst french driver but he has, despite what he says, the strongest political support.

Ricciardo has run far away from Renault and Abitbul has been fired probably because he has been loyal with Ricciardo. Ricciardo has always been in front of Ocon and it was not planned to be like that.

They will put FA behind Ocon in order to make Ocon bigger.

I think that FA has understood this recently, but it's too late.

He should run far away from Renault at first occasion.
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This thread is about

Mercedes and Alpine Launch


And not about Ferrari . Right ?
:) Looking at the thumbnail on the right, it says F1|Mercedes and Alpine Launch 2021 challengers. ((the topic itself seems to be off topic since the Mercs are decidedly NOT challengers but defacto winners already.))
but the F1 would seem to allow 'some' latitude. However, I do understand your point and will behave.
When the Mclaren was released, we were flooded with comments about how loooonnnnng it appeared. What about the Merc? The Ren...I mean Alpine? One would assume they have very similar dimensions due to the same equipment required by all the cars. Are these luxo-yachts as well?