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The Mercedes AMG team and newly rebranded Alpine F1 outfit have both revealed their latest Grand Prix machines ahead of the new season, joining the likes of McLaren, AlphaTauri and Alfa Romeo with their new car reveals.

Starting with the dominant team of the turbo hybrid era, Mercedes were first to lift the wraps off their new machine with the reveal of the new W12 earlier this morning, showing off the car the team hope will carry Lewis Hamilton to his record 8th World Championship success this season.


Featuring a revised black livery in similar fashion to the one used during the majority of 2020, Mercedes claim to have made significant improvements for the new car, having started development early thanks to the commanding position they enjoyed during the majority of 2020.

“Every year we reset our focus and define the right objectives,” said Toto Wolff. “That may sound simple but it’s damn hard and is probably why there are no sports teams out there with seven consecutive titles. So many things can happen and it’s very natural to get used to success, and therefore not fight as hard for it.
“But this team has not shown any of that. I see the same fire, hunger and passion now as I did the first time I walked through the doors in 2013. Every season presents a new challenge and therefore, a new goal for us to achieve. 2021 brings changes to the regulations, which could impact our competitiveness, plus the cost cap and working on the major rule changes of 2022. These challenges excite us.”


Tuesday would represent something of a bonus day of new car launches for Formula One fans, with the newly rebranded Alpine F1 Team (formally Renault Sport) revealing the first car of the new era from the French outfit - complete with new signing Davide Brivio of MotoGP Suzuki fame, in his new role of Sporting Director following the departure of Cyril Abiteboul at the end of last season.

Apline will of course be fielding the returning Fernando Alonso these next two seasons, however the Spanish superstar would be absent from the launch today, as the 39-year-old continues his preparations following recent surgery on a jaw injury sustained in a bike collision with a road car last month.

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Alpine F1 2.jpg


Exciting times for Formula One fans continue, with just Red Bull, Haas, Aston Martin, Williams and Ferrari left to show their cards ahead of pre-season testing later this month.

Alpine F1 4.jpg

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Filip Carlén

Alpine is just gorgeous, that blue looks electric and alive, and the whole car looks like a fast French flag! The Merc looks crowded, the AMG all over the back has a weird look to it, the number looks really messy over the AMGs, the mix of white, red, black and blue doesn't work etc. Last years car was one of (if not the best) looking Mercedes F1 car ever, this one is the worst since the primer gray MGP W01 of 2010.
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I like the changes to the Merc. I really love the colorful-ness of the Alpine. (Is that even a word?) However, I will reserve my decision for favorite until I see the Aston Martin in green. Don't expect anything special from Haas, Ferrari, or Williams, unless Dorilton seek to spice it up a bit. Their parent company seems to have a black and gold logo, so who knows.


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The Merc is horrid, and a crime against livery designers!

The Alpine is magnificent, bar a few minor inconsistencies between the black and blue on the sidepod.

edit: to clarify, the merc looks fine from the front, and i like the black, but that horrible silver fade thing on the back ruins it. There are also way better ways to integrate the red Ineos!
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The Merc is horrid, and a crime against livery designers!

The Alpine is magnificent, bar a few minor inconsistencies between the black and blue on the sidepod.

The video I saw had matching blue body under lighting shinning off the ground. I'm not sure why. It looked pretty good, but extra weight and power draw would probably never make it on to an F1 car.
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The Alpine is the most beautiful livery I've seen in a long, long time. I was always a fan of the Ligier/Prost blue liveries and the Alpine reminds me of these. It also looks a lot like a car from the Michel Vaillant comic books! :)

The Merc is a mess and looks like it was done by an intern at the last minute. Teal, black, silver and red? Urgh. :sick:

I have high hopes for the Aston Martin tomorrow.
While F1 is still and always will be my favorite type of racing, it seems my fellow Americans are slowly (along with the FIA) destroying the sport I love. In 5 years we might be looking at Formula School Bus with the size and rate these things are expanding at. Probably be using flower power from the hippie generation as well.
Can't wait for a return to this size with a V-10:

And of course proper gird walks before the race:
Bavarian Pit Babes.jpg

Yes I'm old and old school and not the least bit pc, but I like what I like;):cool:

Cheers from the
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From what I can see here the two cars represent two different messages, both seemingly intentional.

Alpine's livery is indeed full of French pride from the tricolor on the nose and sides behind the big A and the current shade of French blue. It has both Alpine and Renault decaled on the car in plain sight. This is a livery that says "I'm French, and I'm proud of it. Team issues be damned!"

Mercedes' livery is almost the opposite. I say almost because of the silver in the back with the AMG logos in the scattered pattern behind the number, replacing the stars. Don't worry, Lauda's red star is still there behind the cockpit. The black on the car it seems, I could be wrong, could be potentially (underline for emphasis) seen as either in conflict with, or trying to erase, the silver on the car. It seems that the expectedly most dominant car of next season seems to have a forced desire not to take pride in being a Mercedes. Something else to potentially blame Hamilton for, I guess.

Two different cars. One that should look proud doesn't, the other that has less reasons to be proud is more proud than the other. One hates its origins, or is told to hate its origins. The other makes it known to all its pride in its own origins.

Again, I could be wrong here.
it seems my fellow Americans are slowly (along with the FIA) destroying the sport I love.
A polite word of advice: don't be so quick to blame your fellow neighbors in America for the destruction of F1, or for that matter any sport. This is more of an ideological problem found worldwide than a national problem confined to one nation or another. I too want the return of bigger engines and the grid girls.

But for now, be thankful for what we do have. Those that have done the damage so far won't stop until there is no sport, period. Why? Because any and all sports show inequality. Always have.

Enough of this, though. This is a motorsport forum, not one for any given ideology. Let's try to get back on topic soon.