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F1 | I Have An (Awesome?) Idea To Improve Racing


Jun 26, 2011
I am sorry, but I don’t like any of these ideas.

I have visited a few GP’s in Spa over the last couple of years and then only on Friday and Saturday. I really like to watch the FP1/2/3 and skipping these sessions or have other drivers race the cars is a bad idea. You want to see your favorite drivers as much as possible. Race days I normally avoid because it is so crowded in Spa in case you have no appointed seats (bronze tickets).

F1 should never be with equal cars. There are enough other racing classes that race with equal cars. F1 is about trying to develop the fastest car possible within regulations. I think the budget cap is a good idea. And what happened with Racing Point now, copying the Mercedes is also good for competition. I hope Red Bull will do the same with Alpha Tauri.
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Apr 21, 2014
The world of Formula One is a fascinating place, however the racing can often leave a lot to be desired - so how do we improve the show, without compromising the spirit of motorsport?

I've already shared my opinion on how I believe Formula One could be vastly improved, but just this morning I had a moment of inspiration about how one could really spice up the show without compromising the nature of the sport and not having to dramatically change the cars. Hear me out for a second if you will...

Formula One weekend formats traditionally go like this: 90 minutes untimed FP1, 90 minutes untimed FP2, 60 minutes untimed FP3, 60 minutes qualifying to decide the fastest teams and drivers that determines the starting order, then the race.

Now think about this - we run Formula One cars and their drivers for 240 minutes practice in a weekend to fine tune the cars, then have a 60 minute session to determine who is the the fastest driver that then starts at the front of the grid, with the slowest driver at the back - and we wonder why no overtaking happens during the race itself.

So, here's my plan.

FP1 remains at 90 minutes, but is only open to 1 car per team, and it must be used by a driver who isn't in the race (youngster / test driver etc). - held on Saturday morning.

FP2 remains at 90 minutes, for the race drivers - held on Saturday afternoon.

FP3 removed.

Nothing too spectacular in that suggestion, but here comes the bit I absolutely love... qualifying.

In order to set the grid for the race, on Sunday morning the 20 odd Formula One drivers should take part in a 30 minute session, in identical spec series cars that are changed at each race weekend (something local or whatever - a touring car, a GT, a Formula car, junior spec tin top - whatever). The fastest driver in the session is then awarded pole for the F1 race - putting the emphasis back on the speed of the actual driver, and not the cars, and thus giving opportunities for drivers outside the top teams to really show the world their natural pace, and mixing up the grid for the race itself.

I was tempted to suggest the qualifying should also include a qualification race that sets the F1 grid (still in the spec cars), but throwing a racing scenario into the mix, although highly entertaining, is probably a bridge too far in terms of variables, so let's stick with a qualification session only for now...

What do you think? Discuss!

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With all due respect, I think you were drunk by the time you posted this.


May 31, 2019
I'm a newish fan to F1 so I can't compare to the earlier 2000s and prior, but I don't find the races boring at all. I don't think there needs to be any huge shakeup and I think the budget restrictions should tighten things up just enough. Sure, if Hamilton is starting pole, I expect him to run away with it. But at least the cameras hardly show it and there is tons of action in the midfield between Albon, Racing Point, Ferrari, McLaren, and Renault.
Feb 24, 2016
I don't care about practice. Less practice time (less data) is not a bad idea though.

What I love is the idea of equal cars for qualifying. BUT... the teams should get car and practice data for the quali-car, so the engineers can come up with their own car setup for the quali-cars that then gets tested by their driver during FP3... this gets the Teams more involved - it's not just about the drivers then. What do you think?


Jul 26, 2017
I have a far better idea. Lets move the pit-exit to a different place on the track. The idea behind is, a driver doing a pitstop and leaves the pitlane, enters the race in EXACTLY the same position and the same gap to the driver in front and behind. If you want to gain a position, overtake on track, not with a stupid strategy. Stop that bs undercut and overcut **** and let the drivers RACE their cars and use their tyres as they will. And if they do need fresh tyres, give them a new set, they will not lose any time. :D


safi hellie

Jul 18, 2019
Only the fans think F1 is about the drivers championship.....

Truth is it is and has always been about the teams. Drivers are just another component.

But obviously the fans love the drivers or driver and the teams buy into that too...

But yes, Merc are a good example of this is how carefully they craft the WCC together.
Anything other than Merc 1 and 2 angers Totto.


Oct 5, 2009
That would be extremely fun to watch, but i'm afraid F1 won't go that way. I think FIA should rethink and change the technical regs, because at the moment they are the only thing killing the sport. More freedom for car designers, engineers and engine builders so we can tell between them by their form or just by their exhaust sound. Bring back tobacco sponsorship and the cars will get terrific liveries again. Turbo-Hybrid power is giving Mercedes the upper-hand all these years since 2014, maybe it's time to go back to normally aspirated engines: they are cheaper to develop, less complicated and sound a lot better. We need to stop Mercedes domination now or F1 is dead for good.

Filip Carlén

Jan 6, 2014
Why not test it? Do it in like Automobilista 2, do the quaily in Ultimas, Sprinters, Stocks, Formula Vee etc and then do a race in F1 cars :p Just make sure to stream it all, cus that sounds kinda fun to watch
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Dec 10, 2018
At first glance, I don't like the idea at all I'm afraid. Seems a bit silly not to mention impractical.

But ask me towards the end of the season when i'm more jaded. Right now I'm just thrilled to have F1 back and I'm legit excited to watch the races. Austria was pretty great, Hungary not so much.

I think what's particularly important right now is that we have a very competitive field, with the exception of Mercedes, the very dominant front-runner. If you look at RP, Renault, Mclaren and even Red Bull, it's pretty tight. And it's more competitive at the back too, with Williams taking it to Alfa Romeo and Alpha Tauri (maybe, hard to know for sure where they are).

Even at a high downforce track like Hungary, where it's very hard to overtake, we saw SOME decent racing. So I'm actually feeling fairly optimisitic about the season. I must be getting old :)

Damage Inc

Nov 22, 2013
F1 needs a LOT of work, standard engines could work (like moto 2), with the chassis being the only thing the teams bring to the table.

But one thing F1 really needs is a reduction of the reliance on aero grip, I've said it a million times and I'll keep on saying it. since aero grip became so important close racing was impossible, gone are the days of a car following another closly round a corner then with superior skill the driver behind get's a better exit and using that momentum (NOT DRS or KERS gimmicks) get's in the draft, pulls to the inside and brakes later to make the overtake.

I mean in Moto GP Marc Marquez was 11th and EIGHT seconds behind the leader, top 10 LESS than 10 seconds between them all, double that and you got the gap between 1st and 2nd in most F1 races. (although sadly MGP is getting aero :( )
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Apr 5, 2019
I think F1 should be the pinnacle of engineering- not all these regulations. IMO it should be:
Must have 4 wheels (minimum, no maximum)
Must have a human driver
No electronic driving aids
Has to do x number of laps
Anyone can copy a design after 2 races
Good luck1
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Nov 8, 2010
I prefer things just as they currently exist. Watching Lewis knock down record after record is personally gratifying as an F1 fan. I mean c'mon - both McLaren and Mercedes wanted him on their teams for a very good reason.
Sep 22, 2012
Less rules... All this "under review - issue a penalty" is crap. Let them race, if they wreck, oh well. Less rules for the cars too, give the teams and basic dimensions and pick a non-hybrid engine design like 3.5L NA engine... in other words, go back to the early 90's and let people inovate and race each other.