F1 | Haas Reveal First Images Of New Car

The Haas F1 Team have released render images of their 2020 Formula One machine, revealing a return to the traditional grey and white livery of Haas Automation following the calamitous Rich Energy sponsorship saga.

Expecting to show off the physical version of their VF-20 in the Barcelona pit lane on the opening day of testing, Haas have won the honour of becoming the first team to publicly reveal their new challenger, although only in digital form at this early stage.

Many of the small design details are expected to change between the released render images and the car that completes preseason testing this February in Barcelona, but one thing that is likely to remain is the return to the 'traditional' Haas Automation colours of grey and white, a departure from the striking black and gold livery design of 2019, and something that team owner Gene Haas is pleased to see returning to the Formula One grid;

“I’m pleased to see the car return to the more familiar Haas Automation colours, it’s certainly a livery that people identify with,” said Gene Haas, founder of Haas Automation and chairman of Haas F1 Team. “Frankly, I’m hoping the VF-20 will return us to the kind of form we ran in 2018 when we finished fifth in the constructors’ championship. 2019 was a tough season to endure. We’ve been through a real education process, one that comes to all Formula One teams at some stage. I’m trusting we’ve learned from those lessons and have applied that knowledge into making the VF-20 a more competitive entry. It’s important to me that we’re back in the mix and consistently scoring points, we certainly have the capability and we’ve proved as an organisation we can do it.”
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Haas F1 endured a difficult season in 2019, regularly finding themselves struggling to score points as they finished just ahead of Williams in the constructors standings. With wind tunnel correlation issues cited as the main cause for a below par performance last year, Haas are keen to recover some of their previous form heading into 2020, their fifth season in the top flight of motorsport.

“It’s always exciting to see the development of a new Formula One car and undoubtedly the VF-20 has to deliver where our previous car didn’t. Said Team Principal Guenther Steiner. "With the regulations remaining stable into this season, it’s allowed us to improve our understanding of the car and to scrutinize ourselves more in order to find solutions and applications to channel into the design of the VF-20. Last year was definitely a set-back, one I would never have asked for, but you learn from such situations – we all have. Everybody at the team was forced to look at themselves and understand what they can do better. I’m looking forward to seeing the VF-20 make its track debut. As always in testing, you want many things, but lots of mileage, reliability and speed would be welcomed as we ready ourselves for the first race in Australia.”

Hass will once again retain Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen for the coming season.

Original Source: Haas F1

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Nov 3, 2019
looks cool lets hope its as fast as it looks. Like the color scheme, reminds me of the old vodafone mclaren with the small red accents.
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Sep 2, 2014
Why do Haas use an old Ferrari car (SF90) to reveal their new livery...


Mar 2, 2010
I was never a fan of the Rich energy livery. This one is better, even if it is a bit... predictable. I wonder how deep Gene Haas' pockets are if the team still doesn't have a title sponsor?


Nov 1, 2016
I like the simplicity of the livery...still not sure about keeping that driver lineup intact though. They needed new blood in both seats IMO. Patiently waiting on the Netflix special to see how bad it was behind the scenes, assuming they follow Haas like last year...but how could they not after the Rich Energy fiasco?
Jan 29, 2020
The 2018 livery was in my opinion the best Haas livery so I really like this updated version. Hopefully the car is as competitive as 2018.
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