F1 Extreme & FIA GT3 2010 Mod

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Jason Murphy, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. Jason Murphy

    Jason Murphy

    Hey guys, any tips on getting the F1 Extreme to not spin every time you get on the throttle? I understand short shifting, but it seems silly to short shift as much as i do. Ive messed with the differential a little bit but im really unsure if im doing any good.

    Also, Im having some issues with some cars (GT3 and others) over rumble strips. The Porsche for instance basically dies if you hit a rumble strip. Again, maybe this is a setup issue, but it feels a bit like the old snap spin rfactor, and though in general the game has good slid saving capability in the tire model, for me if the cars get upset by a rumble strip just a hair they are just gone.
  2. ouvert


    just go easy on throttle and as you said short shift 1 and 2nd .. wait for tires to heat up, and if you are spining too much, give them try to cool down, you have them overheated probably ..

    about GT3 mod ... can`t help there (I didn`t like that mod) but you could try Blancpain mod where I haven`t find any problems like this ..