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Featured F1 End of Season Report: Rate the Team - Toro Rosso

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Paul Jeffrey, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    Rate the Grid - Toro Rosso 2.jpg
    Driver merry-go-round, striking colour scheme, occasional flashes of pace, it has been an interesting season indeed for Toro Rosso in 2017.

    Having enjoyed the driving talents of Daniil Kvyat, Carlos Sainz, Pierre Gasly and Brendon Hartley over the course of the 20 round season, it is perhaps not surprising that Toro Rosso had difficulty maintaining consistency enough to regularly challenge the top ten placings. Hindered somewhat by a dated Ferrari engine and reduced development rate in comparison to its rivals, Toro Rosso did well to eventually finish up in seventh place overall during 2017... just four points adrift of the works Renault Sport team.

    All things considered then, how do you rate the 2017 season of Toro Rosso?

    Vote now to tell us how you rate 2017 Formula One season for Toro Rosso, and leave a comment below!

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    Rate the Grid - Toro Rosso 3.jpg Rate the Grid - Toro Rosso.jpg
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  2. Michel Forest

    Michel Forest

    3. Good looking car for sure. However, I never cared much for that team. They remain stuck in midfield, not really making progress. I know they don't have the means of their bigger brother, however, I wonder what motivates the people who work at that team. I never get the feeling that they want to compete. On top of that, they suck at managing their young drivers. Basically, Toro Rosso seems to be there in order to have a 20-car grid...
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  3. race.dgz


    Sainz carried them this year and had good results such as a 4th at singapore, but in the final few races they were terrible, especially Abu Dhabi where Sauber were faster than them. After Gasly there are no more F1 ready drivers in the Red Bull academy and with Ricciardo's contract running out and Mercedes and Ferrari wanting Vertsappen, I wouldnt be suprised if Red Bull withdraw this team in a few years.
  4. Jan Larsen

    Jan Larsen

    4. Started off well, finished terrible. Sainz leaving was a major blow (but good for Sainz) and the team was doing ok'ish up until then. When he left, everything went into shambles and the driver and engine situation went into absolute chaos.
    New engine and two drivers I'm less than fond about in terms of talent dosent look promising for good results. Unless Honda pulls out the miracle of the century, I'll predict them to fight alongside Sauber for the back of the grid.
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  5. biggabusta


    They started well and could have finished sixth but replaced their star drivers with potatoes while they are in a battle for sixth. They should have kept Kvyat until the end of the season to ensure they finished sixth.
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  6. Constantin Grimminger

    Constantin Grimminger

    That's partly true. However, the team mostly serves as a preparation for the bigger brother, RBR. That was always it's purpose and it won't change. From that perspective, they could even end dead last and still be fine with that.

    And personally I'd rather take a job at STR then RBR - less pressure, more opportunities to shine (although I guess they have a lot of brilliant people there anyways) and still a job in F1. What could one complain about?

    Gave them a solid two. Not that they could do much about it, but having this Brendon Hartley onboard instead of drivers like Vergne, Buemi or any Renault junior is a massive downgrade. (inb4 massive downvotes for a Hartley-rant :p )
  7. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Proudly Politically Incorrect. Premium

    Seems the management is indecisive and unorganised. Team members and drivers appear to have a view of the chopping block as they enter the boardroom, not a trophy cabinet.
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  8. InsaneOzzie


    Not the smartest team in the paddock when you consider their engine choice for 2018. Not the smartest team in the paddock when you consider how they handled the Dan Kyvat saga, sure Kyvat imploded but RBR lite the fuse and STR did little to help make amends for his embarrassing demotion to make way for Verstappen, seems to me they need to learn some management skills.
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  9. Esploratore


    Yes, honda doesn't give me any idea they'll improve, but we'll see.

    Someone said kvyat could've got toro rosso in sixth place if they had kept him till the end of the season, I'd say he'd have done better than the new 2 drivers, but with the slow and unreliable car they had lately I doubt he could do enough.

    Gave them 6, ok midfield car overall, only 1 good driver has been on the 2017 toro rosso though.
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  10. wombat999


    STR would certainly benefit from being allowed to run their own show without interference from the obnoxious Helmuth Marko, who has far too much power.
    The car wasn't as bad as some have made out, Sainz wrung a decent performance out of it most of the time despite his road rage issues, while the removal of Kvyat might rate as the stupidest move in a year filled with stupidity.
    While I realise the role of STR is that of a 'Junior Team' to supposedly bring on talent for RBR, they are better than their showing indicates.
    I doubt they will drop further down the grid, despite the 'Armchair Wheel Operatives' predictions re the Honda engine package.
    Honda have never been known to give up on engines, they just do not do well at fielding their own in house cars.
    I look toward to season 2018 and STR-Honda moving forward.
    Just keep Marko away.
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  11. Thang Nguyen

    Thang Nguyen

    I rated 6, in overall.
    But I can't tell the reasons, as words have failed me...
  12. Terry Rock

    Terry Rock

    STR...their own worst enemy.
    Hopefully the influx of cash from Honda will help them move forward.
    Seems to be thought of too much within, as a feeder team to RBR.
    Does not seem to have the will or expertise to step out of the shadows.
  13. Aitze


    Not bad, but nothing mind blowing. I rated 6
  14. Maurits Vernel

    Maurits Vernel

    Should become Minardi again.
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