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F1 - Canadian Grand Prix Results

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Omer Said, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    jenson-button-woop.jpg 2011 Formula1 season is going great with all of the races being exciting so far. And today we watched another exciting race in Canada too, perhaps the most exciting of this season so far.

    A heavy rain welcomed the race and because of the safety concerns, Safety Car started the race. For 5 laps we watched the march of the cars. Then Safety Car dived into the pits and the action started.

    At the first turn, Lewis Hamilton dived into Webber and two collided. Webber spun and descended to 14th position. While Hamilton lost his position to both Mercedeses and his team mate Jenson Button.

    Hamilton hits Webber at the first turn

    After a few laps pole-sitter Sebastian Vettel extended his lead. While Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa went closely to each other in 2nd and 3rd positions.

    Then Hamilton tried to overtake Button at the start/finish straight. But Button could not see his team-mate because of the spray effect and squeezed Hamilton into the walls. This ended Hamilton's race. This crash summoned the Safety Car again.

    Button pitted under the full course yellow conditions, but he exceeded the pit-lane speed limit, so he was given a drive-through penalty. This put the Briton into the last spot. By the way, Button took the intermediate tyres in his stop.

    After the green flags, Button seemed to be faster than all else with his intermediates. So everyone began to stop one by one.

    But after a several laps, rain started to be heavy again. So intermediate drivers pitted again for wet tyres. And in a few laps Red Flag was waved.

    Before the red flag, Kamui Kobayashi, Massa, Renaults and Paul di Resta did not stop, so they lined behind of Vettel.

    Then we waited for 2 hours. Watching the f1 drivers walking-chatting and doing funny things around the garages and on the track. This was a boring period of waiting, but the race was so exciting that it was worthy to wait.

    It was "wet"...

    Race re-started behind the safety car again. This time SC drove for 9 laps and then got into the pits.

    After a few laps, Button and Alonso contacted, and Alonso retired as he was stuck on the kerb, while Button moved on with a puncture. So here came another Safety Car period.

    In lap 41, SC left the track and the order was Vettel-Kobayashi-Massa-Heidfeld-di Resta-Webber. Button was on the very back.

    Di Resta had to pit after hitting Heidfeld's rear right tyre which damaged his front wing. Vitaly Petrov also was given a drive-through for overtaking under SC conditions.

    Schumacher overtook both Massa and Kobayashi in a stylish way, after the Japanase driver slided and slowed down Massa.

    First one to take slicks was Webber. As he proved these were the right tyres, everyone pitted one by one.

    Then Massa spun while trying to lap a HRT and hit the barriers. Then he had to change his damaged front nose and wing.

    After a few laps of this incident, Heidfeld hit Kobayashi's rear and after a few meters Renault's front wing detached bumping Heidfeld out of the track. A lots of debris shattared around the track, so we saw the Safety Car again.

    9 laps to go, green flag was waved. Vettel was leading ahead of Schumacher, Webber, Button and Kobayashi.

    'My best victory' says Button

    Button was going on fire as he first overtook Webber and then Schumacher without a proper resistance. After a few laps, Webber overtook Schumacher too.

    Then Button caught Vettel in the last 2 laps. Then in the final lap Vettel slided a little, giving Button the lead. So McLaren driver Jenson Button won the ultimate Canadian Grand Prix, followed by Red Bulls and Schumacher who was very close to his first podium finish after his return with Mercedes.


    Results taken from gpupdate, write-up belongs to RD
  2. Murat Erdogdu

    Murat Erdogdu

    Congrats Button :) , Vettel should start pushing much before i think. It was interesting to see the crash of Heidfeld onboard and live. Nice race ;)
  3. f1superracer


    good race shame we had to wait 2 hours for it restart
  4. Kariem Janssen

    Kariem Janssen

    Its a great race, its a shame that schumie is NOT on the podium because of webber. Hope 2 see the best men back on the highst podium place NUMBER 1
  5. mesa


    Interesting. Button pushed off drivers (Hamilton, Alonso) without any penalty, then he won the race, and let Schuey not to step onto podium after many years - this is not a fair result. BTW he did what he did, and he worked hard for his victory - congrats!
  6. Unregistered


    I believe Button had circumstances for those crashes, more like 50-50 guilt. I really was hopeful they wouldn't give him a penalty. He made F1 so much more entertaining for me, well worth the 2 hour wait. Hamilton used to be my fav, but Button really surpassed all expectations.
  7. Brian Clancy

    Brian Clancy

    Great race report Omer :)For me, Button was superb! Both of his 'contact' incidents were simply 'racing incidents' and I saw no foul play in them. Everyone must remember visibility in wet races is almost nil (especially in rear view mirrors!) and Hamilton was being VERY aggressive considering the conditions (as we saw earlier in the race). A BRILLIANT race, worth the long wait! :wink: and although I am not a great Shumie fan, it was really good to see him pushing up front and to see Merc get some good points...... Great race :)
  8. Sander Eefting

    Sander Eefting

    Button was on fire that race:D