F1 | Alfa Romeo and Williams confirm 2021 lineups


Nov 8, 2010
Agreed, given it took only around 16 years for the "impossible record" to be broken, he'll probably want to set the bar much higher and I don't blame him...personally I'm hoping he gets to 10 WDC's and 150 wins...give the kids something to aim for. if Aston Martin becomes competitive I think Russell should start looking in their direction...he might sooner find a drive there if Hamilton stays put.

Then again, maybe Williams might bounce back if they manage to hire the right engineers and build a competitive chassis...they already have possibly the best engine supplier.
" he'll probably want to set the bar much higher and I don't blame him...personally I'm hoping he gets to 10 WDC's and 150 wins "

I share that exact sentiment... What is obvious though is that people want him out of the sport, but he isn't going to leave for a long time, and why would he. He doesn't owe Russel or anyone else anything. It's strange how people come up with these assumptions about him leaving, but it's an extremely asinine way to think when he is at his peak. He's already said that it's going to be quite a while before he even thinks about leaving.
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Jan 5, 2016
Not that Russell isn't fully deserving but go back a week or so. Perez said he wanted to be on a team that he believed was a good project for him...so did Russell win out on talent (which he has...just ask Alonzo) or did Perez decide to look elsewhere especially with things up in the air at Red Bull? Hmmm...


May 8, 2020
I'm happy George he has shown that he is worthy to be in F1. It's shown in quali that he is a fast driver. Hopefully, he drives that Mercedes one day. Good on him!
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Jul 29, 2011
I wonder how it will affect Kmi's contract when he starts pulling the pension. It could affect his tax credits.
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Dec 6, 2013
Jenson Button in at Williams - or the "New American Williams" as it were.

Jenson Button has joined the Williams team as a senior adviser.

The move takes Button back to the team that gave him his Formula 1 debut in 2000, before he went on to become 2009 world champion and win 15 grands prix.
Button, 40, said Williams' role in his career and the "history and heritage" meant they were "close to my heart".

He said: "I am going to do my part to help the team back to the front. I can't wait to spend time with the drivers and the staff."

Interested to see if a recent F1 driver can make a difference to this team.