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Misc F1 2021 TyreTempMod - Realistic temperature, grip, wear, strategy v2.5

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Hi Enrique

Nice one with 2021, its a good game.

Yes will work fine without doing practice session. Using the quick practice options works well to still collect resource points.
Yep different strategies works as before. if you want a more of a push to them using the soft less and mediums and hards much more then try the beta version in another resource. The temperature aspect is the same but the wear is a little less. I am currently using the Beta for testing and seems to work fine with 50% races
Hi Andy, I didn't have much time to test so I am going to ask you a question based on the strategy graphics at the beginning of the race.

I am running 50% races. With this 2.5 mod i can see both S - M - M and M - H in Bahrain, with the 2 stops strategy forecast to be 5-6 seconds slower.

With your beta mod the soft compounds don't really last and lose a lot of performance, therefore it's likely that we will see more mediums and hards used. But in 2021 we are not able to choose the compounds for the weekend, therefore having only one hard I am worried that I will only see medium hard strategies. According to the cliff line, the hard compounds almost don't lose lap time with wear, is this correct? I am worried that this makes the 1 stop medium - hard strat OP compared to the AI as you don't lose a lot of performance.

So my question is: which version do you recommend me to use for my 50% races that still makes the softer compounds usable but not overused by the AI? Of course in the vanilla game I am tired of seeing the AI never using the hards, but I also don't want the softs to be forgotten, kind of a compromise between the 2 situations.

Is the tyre situation affecting the AI as well, meaning that if they cannot cool down or heat up the tyres properly can incurr in more mistakes? Or it affects more us as humans? Of course, I know that the files have an effect on the AI but I wanted to know more from you, whether you noticed some effects. I usually play with some more dirty air and slipstream with a little bit more sensitive damage therefore in 2020 your mod also helped to create some "situations".

Another thing: does the tyres ERP file allow you to create more tyre wear when you're following in dirty air? If yes, is this effect implemented in your mods?

Thank you for elaborating! Cheers
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Hi Enrique

The beta is heavily towards softs being a qualifying tyre only, so I would say the standard version is better for you.

AI is effected by temps and wear. But they are very good at managing it. So instead of overheating you will find them going a little slower on long corners.

The tyres erp doesnt allow more wear in dirty air. it allows less/more grip for higher/lower temps or track wetness. Less grip means more sliding which does increase wear and temperatures.

In my other punctures mod instead of increasing dirty air (as I find this makes the ai very unstable and also stops them attempting overtaking) I have decreased the power of drs and overtake boost. This makes overtaking much harder. I may make changes to make both even less powerful but I dont want to stop the ai overtaking the player and each other. This could lead to really boring races
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Any thoughts on overheating in v0.3? Better?

I have tested with default setups and pressures on spa with hards and softs. I find the tyres are actually a little cold and pressures need to be upped which I think is fine for a track with long straights like spa
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