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Who will win the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix?

  • Max Verstappen

    Votes: 518 47.5%
  • Lewis Hamilton

    Votes: 488 44.7%
  • Other Driver

    Votes: 85 7.8%

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F1 2021 TV Leaderboard Overlay

Misc F1 2021 TV Leaderboard Overlay 2.4 MAJOR UPDATE - HOTFIX

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When I played it the leaderboard just showing this instead the rider names. Can I know why? DRI stand for Driver
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Download SimHub, once you have finished to download, install. Now simply download the mod, is a file .simhubdash, double click on the file, should be open now SimHub. He is going to install in the Library, after this. Open F1TV, clicking on NEW LAYOUT, should be open now the Leaderboard. I'm going to made a video maybe today and i contact you in private sending the link yt. Now open F1 2021, and should be appear when quali or racing the drivers, laps ecc..
can i have the video tutorial also? :D
dham97 updated F1 2021 TV Leaderboard Overlay with a new update entry:


  • Interval times now use the new 'Delayed Interval' feature provided by Gary Swallow, you can now change the interval speed in the Gary Swallow plugin settings.
  • Added Aston...

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Very Very awesome. Thank you for taking the time to do this. It is appreciated. Is there a way to list 22 drivers for my team mode and can you highlight you and your teammate like in the normal? Thanks so much.
Not with the shortened last names because it is a custom formula in SimHub. But you could change the color of the name background instead of black. To do this you need to go into the dashboard editor, then
  1. Click on F11 widget and click edit widget
  2. Then go to the P1-P20 folder
  3. Then open up P1 and go to 'NAME BG' then click 'Player background color enabled' and choose what color you want as your name background. You need to do this with each Position. It's a lot of work but it will get you what you want lol
This part isn't working for me. Everything else is, but this isn't. It just stays black. Is there another step I need to do?
dham97 updated F1 2021 TV Leaderboard Overlay with a new update entry:


What's New:
  • Added 2 drivers for MY TEAM.
  • Added penalty indicator that shows amount of time penalties accumulated for each driver.
View attachment 508659 View attachment 508660


  • To use a custom MY TEAM image logo you must update your Custom Name in the Gary Swallow plugin options. Then create a 50x50 Icon with your logo. Next edit the leaderboard...

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Hello, I don't know if it's my computer or what, but the Tyre Age is not showing... ("No Data" is showing)
I read the updates and no one is saying anything about it, so can it be my pc? Also, is there anything I can do to fix it?

I need a video tutorial if it's possible for making it work, I've tried following instructions 3 times and I can't have it properly configurated
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thanks for this awesome mod. I have a question. In my leaderboard the driver tag from Mick Schumacher is "SCH" not "MSC". Whats wrong? I just download the newest 2.2 update.

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