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Misc F1 2021 REALISTIC SPONSORBOARDS: Australia 1.0

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Slendis submitted a new resource:

F1 2021 REALISTIC SPONSORBOARDS: Australia - Realistic Sponsorboards for Australia

Well, it is that time of year again! The new Formula 1 game has released, which means I am back with my realistic sponsorboards. There is not a lot more to say than that really, but I hope you enjoy!

This mod will replace the old, default F1 2021 sponsorboards with realistic sponsorboards showing the most up-to-date sponsors for the 2021 Formula 1 season.

- I always recommend you to create a backup of the default game installation, but it is not required to use this...

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Can you make a pack of realístic sponsors of every F1 2021 track after The Abu Dhabi grand prix and divide tô many parts to not go over 1 gb
I have been asked about this multiple times, and as always, I have to turn it down once again. It would simply take too long for me to ZIP all of the files, and then upload it onto a website that everyone is happy with. Last time I did it, I uploaded it to Mega and people complained about that and wanted me to upload it to Google Drive instead.

Then there is also the fact that if I would ever have to update a certain track, I would have to re-ZIP and re-upload the entire mod every single time - so it would simply take too much time.