F1 2021 Driver Name Mod- Cheat Table.

Misc F1 2021 Driver Name Mod- Cheat Table. 1.02

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F1 2021 Driver Name Mod- Cheat Table. - Another version of Alessio088 Name Swap

So, after a lot of communicating with Alessio088, we have both come to the conclusion that there are different EXE's to make this thing work right. I have included mine. I took the already made cheat table made by Alessio88 and I just updated it with the proper values for the EXE I was running. I have included instructions here and within the .RAR file included.

First, go into your STEAM F1 Folder, find the DX12 version of the F1 2020 EXE. Right click and...

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Ok, when you launch Cheat Engine make sure you are clicking on "Cheat Engine 64 Bit SSE4-AVX2. It should be in your start menu under "CHEAT ENGINE" folder. There will be 4 .exe programs to launch. Thats where you select the sse4-avx2 file.

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