Skins F1 2020 SOCHI AUTODROM aramco GP CM Track skin.

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F1 SOCHI AUTODROM 2020 aramco GP CM Track skin. - Ready for this seasons 2020 race.

F1 SOCHI AUTODROM 2020 aramco GP
Latest sponsors for the 2020 race.
New boards, barriers, colours, sponsors.
DRS Zones.
Working AI
Remember to select the skin name Formula 1 2020 within Content Manager.
Enjoy. (Will update if it looks vastly different in real life)

ATTENTION: This is only for the acu_sochi track. There are quite a few different builds of this track out there. The most complete working version is linked in the included README. This was the reason...

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Ok, SOCHI AUTODROM is the next race on the 27th September. Hopefully It hasn't changed much from last year and what I've done so far on this track is good enough. This one is not too popular with the fans like Mugello track was. Don't mind doing some minor changes like Main straight correct sponsors etc but to do every corner and swap every sponsor around is a big job and might no be ready for race day which I try and do so you lot can jump straight on and bang out some laps.
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