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F1 2020 : No crowd, No crowd voice

Misc F1 2020 : No crowd, No crowd voice 1.0

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ke5ke1en50 submitted a new resource:

F1 2020 : No crowd, No crowd voice - F1 2020 mod

I rewrote the file and was playing with no crowd, but I was worried about the crowd's voice, I deleted the crowd's voice so I will upload it.

This makes the engine sound of the formula louder and more powerful.

The file will be the text of the link, download it with mega.

note : The engine sound is the sound of my mod,





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Modular Mods Creator
lol and here i thought, you just remove the entries from the assetgroup files which are just a few kbs and call it a day
3 gb for no atmosphere :roflmao: