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F1 2020 F1 2020 | New Car Models Revealed In Latest Screenshots

F1 2020 The Game (Codemasters)

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Codemasters have revealed some new images from the upcoming F1 2020 game - now featuring the final 2020 car models.

Preview images from F1 2020 revealed so far have all included the old 2019 models running current liveries, but as we get ever closer to release date, Codemasters have now publicly revealed the 2020 cars in all their glory for the very first time.

F1 2020 3.jpg
F1 2020 4.jpg

With Formula One set to kick start again next week, it's a great time for a preview from the upcoming season field, and those looking forward to driving these cars for themselves don't have long to wait - release date is almost here, July 7th 2020.

Original Source: Codemasters

F1 2020 is set to release on July 7th for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia.

Got questions about the game? Start a new thread at the RaceDepartment F1 2020 sub forum here at RaceDepartment, and let the community help you out!

F1 2020 1.jpg
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I'm quite sure that this is worth that 1€ (XO, Schumi-version) which it cost from Fanatec shop when I bought F1 2020 LM-wheel. Joke aside, I already liked 2018/2019 versions just enough.
2018 and '19 were honestly good enough imo. But "codies" are dicks and pussies at the same time. **** 'em.