F1 2019 UI Package for Tablet and Phones (Dashboard)

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RasmusGeertsen submitted a new resource:

F1 2019 UI Package for Tablet and Phones (Dashboard) - Here is the F1 2019 dashboard with the official look designed for tablets and phones.

This is the F1 2019 UI package designed for smaller screens such as tablets and phones. This dashboard comes with 5 screens which are big and easy to see.

Launch simhub or use a link from your device to display the screen. A full guide is in the folder
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Idle screen for when in menus etc

Leaderboard (Top 10)
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Top 10 leaderboard with team colours, gaps, pit stop information, pit status and...

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Really good mod,thanks a lot.
I'm using it on my phone and is really good,could we have a version that it focused more on the ai laptimes please? Like current lap time, intermediates etc?
Yes,or even last lap time for AI drivers and T1,T2 of current lap with green colour if is their best time,purple if is the best or grey if they don't improve.
Is because I have my information on the steering wheel but I would like to know the times of the AI when they are on track.
Also I get an error with plugin that says, an error occoured while loading plugin settings control for Gary Swallow Plugin.
Second question,how i select the fonts from simhub?
Thanks a lot
Ohh that is actually because I found out you get an error if you don't have the actual dashboard made by Garry Swallow installed, the plugin was made for those. But if my dashboard works fine for you it's not a problem. You can download the original dashboard here: https://www.racedepartment.com/down...rds-timings-sidescreen-f1-halo-overlay.18746/

What do you mean "select"? Installing them or using them for your own dashboards?
You can extract the fonts to this folder: Example
C:\Program Files (x86)\SimHub\DashTemplates
In the bottom there is all sort of fonts, you can find a similar folder for the dashboard itself: Example
C:\Program Files (x86)\SimHub\DashTemplates\F1 2019 UI Package (Phone&Tablet)\_SHFonts
You can also extract the font there, I just did it with both to be sure